Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm A Wedding Professional

I am now a professional wedding-goer. I love it, too. Weddings are some the best times in life... This weekend was another Gray family wedding. The Grays have four sets of best friends. Nick and Justin grew up with Tara and Jenna. Tara lives in San Diego, but this weekend came back to Texas to marry her sweetheart. Leslie came as Justin's date and I went as Nick's date. Such a blast! Let me tell you - this was no ordinary wedding.

Chris and Tara are too adorable for words. This is one of their fun engagement photos:

I have seen it all by now. I also notice no matter how big and extravagant the wedding... the thing that makes it all happen is the love in the room. People laughing, dancing and eating is truly the best thing. I noticed Chris and Tara stopped to talk to each table making them all feel special. I don't think they noticed the extravagance. They were dancing and singing and most of all - smiling.

This reception took place downtown at the Old Red Courthouse Museum. Four stories of reception! Waiters walked around serving us appetizers, beer and Sangria before the actual dinner began. I roamed around looking at Dallas artifacts and taking pictures, of course. I did find some cheese with caramel and pecans upstairs so that made me very happy. Nick laughs at my love of cheese. Then we all went upstairs for a formal dinner and dancing. My favorite part were the toasts. They had so many toasts! The bride, groom, parents, etc all gave toasts! The Teter women love to dance so they had a really great band. Nick and I tried to dance, but the band kept playing disco... and he laughed at my attempts to disco.

Something very special about the wedding... Tara and Jenna lost their father when they were younger... so it warmed my heart as I saw sister and mother walking Tara down the aisle. I hope one day in eighty years when I get married that I can honor my mother in some way as they honored their father throughout the entire night. Mrs. Teter, Tara and Jenna are truly three of the neatest women I have met. They are so full of energy and so much fun. I always feel loved when I see them. That makes me happy to see good people falling into so many blessings.

We were all wiped out by the end of the night. I didn't go to church on Sunday because I was sleepy and it felt so good to wrap myself in the blanket. Not a good excuse... I was so proud of my bright red dress, but it was pretty much covered up with Nick's coat all night. I am always cold. But, we must always be beautiful as a professional wedding-goer!

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The Q. Family said...

LOVING your dress!! Where did you find it??

Pleasant Drive said...

Sounds like a fun wedding! Puh-leez, 80 years when you get married?