Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WWW Christmas Party

We had a great time at the WWW party last night! It was Anna, Kacie, Andrea, Erin, Nikki, Kathryn and me! Kacie just moved into a HUGE home as she is getting married in a few weeks. I am insanely jealous! Bryan doesn't live there yet, but it already looks like a perfect little family home. We hung out around the chips and dip just chit chatting. Then we took pictures by the fire! We finally opened gifts and had the best time stealing things! Erin was telling us that last weekend during her marathon run she collapsed with a stroke/mini heart attack and was in the hospital two days. That is very scary! We are all pumped about Kacie's upcoming nuptials so that was the talk of the night. I am so thankful to God for my wonderful friends. They enhance my life and make me laugh and just continue to bless me. And... to think... exactly five years ago I told Andrea that I just didn't know if she'd stick around as a friend so I just wasn't giving her a chance. I made her cry... then I realized she was sure special in my life. Can anyone say I was a little dense as a college student?!

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Pleasant Drive said...

Gosh, y'all are all so beautiful! Okay, I have one request for you. When you post pictures and talk about the people in them, you need to label the pictures so we know who in the world you're talking about. I mean, I don't know which of those beauties lives in the house and which one had a heart attack. Please please please :)