Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

"The Christmas Story" plays in the background, Dad putters around the house playing with his newest toys from Santa and the aroma of Christmas candles fills the air. This is my Christmas morning. It is very different compared to others, but it is quite perfect. My phone has been ringing and dinging off the wall with Christmas calls and texts. This warms my heart. We will take off in a plane to Tulsa in a couple of hours. Not exactly a fun way to spend Christmas night, but it will be worth it. We may even get to spend a few hours with the Gray family on our layover in Dallas.

Yesterday Dad and I went to visit my mom's mom, Grandmommy and my Uncle Mike in Snyder. Mike is a tennis professional in Dallas at Royal Oaks Country Club, but I never see him. We had a really nice time. We all just sat around talking for hours and hours. Mike knows everything in the world about sports. Everything, no joke. He told me old stories about my Mom. Apparently she was pretty perfect. Ahhh I knew that! Grandmommy was doing well and she enjoyed her gifts, too.

Then we went to the Stewart household for our tradition. It's insane... for the past 25 years it's been at Ina's, but she is in poor health so it is now in the hands of Howard and Vicki. It was so wonderful to see Stephanie, too! Last Christmas she wheeled in on her little wheelchair after her wreck. This year she was showing us the remnants. The girl broke her entire leg pretty much, crushed her ankle, pelvis, spleen, vertebrates... wow... Now her ankle is still different colors and contains many scars, but that is really the only remnant of the wreck! She wears boots a lot of the time for stability, but she's fine with that! She and her hubby, Jason are four months pregnant and they hope to name him Parker or Trooper. We had a nice time just chatting and hanging out... oh, and eating like pigs. The best food in the world! I looked around the room just smiling at all the familiar faces.
Teffy wants me to smile with my mouth shut. Ummm no...
The same pose every Christmas... Ahhh...

Then Dad and I came home to open gifts. Brenda is still in North Dakota so it was a bit different without her. We both got some neat gifts. Don't laugh... but in my old age I sure get excited about a coffeemaker and CrockPot! There were many other gifts, too... ahh I love gifts... but I love more to give them to people! Dad got two bottles of wine from me and then the Grays because he kept saying he wanted a good red wine. Well, he now looks like a wino. I gave him other neat things though, too! Santa woke me up this morning with a stocking full of gifts. Santa knows I like to spend money so he gave me many gift cards... and candy! Oh... and a spatula... a really neat flexy one. He wants me to cook. He even brought my cat some toys and a gift card.

Now I am about to go for a jog and give people some calls.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.

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Finding Pam said...

Oh, Julie! That is so lovely to see you and Stephanie together again after that horrible wreck. Please tell them I am so happy for them with being with child. Of course, I feel like I know her,and I know that she does not know me, so just say one of her prayer pals sends her love to them both.

Missy, you have got it going on in that red hat and winter white outfit. Just beautiful! I give thanks to God for that big smile on your face. take care.