Monday, December 22, 2008

A Gray-T Christmas

I told you there was something magical about Christmas. Today I have been greeted with e-mails from two random amazing friends. Just checking in... we hadn't talked in a while. God made me smile so much through these words. One of my old pals, Shelby, had a dream about me last night. We live in the Metroplex, but never see one another. It warmed my heart to hear this because you just never know when you are on someone's mind. She'll always be close in heart... there's no worry about that. Same goes for Abra who wrote me as she just thought of me! Awww...

Last night the Gray family made me a little Christmas celebration. It almost brought tears to my eyes. It is so kind when other people go out of their way to make you happy. Dianne cooked some amazing chicken bowtie pasta (Nick's favorite) and we sat in front of the fire for a bit and chit chatted. Jim & Dianne got me a digital photo keychain, a furry throw (because I always steal theirs when I am over there) and linen spray... long story, but it's all because of my mean cat. Then Nick gave me an Ipod (YESSSS!!!) and "Sex and the City!" I have needed an Ipod forever... I hope I can figure it out! My favorite was watching him open his gifts... I got him an Under Armour polo, some Texas Tech receiving gloves and a huge 16x20 poster framed collage of his favorite Texas Tech players. Then he took me to look at some lights in their neighborhood. These homes were ridiculous and huge... I wanted to steal them. Hey, some were for sale! I could pick me up a million dollar home... The lights were outstanding... but, I still swear Big Spring lights beat all.

I am so excited to fly home tomorrow night. We love Christmas celebrations! My poor Dad has been working so much and he needs a break. I hope he gets a chance to relax. Tonight is the girl celebration at Kacie's house. It will be nice to all hang out and enjoy one another. I didn't sleep much last night thinking of all I needed to do and the Christmas cheer, but it's all worth it.

Spread some love today!!!


Pleasant Drive said...

julie, I'm so happy that you're having a wonderful Christmas season! Nick sounds like a keeper!

Allison and Justin said...

I love your hair in this picture. It looks beautiful! Have a great Christmas.