Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fa La La La La

There is not much going on, but I love Christmas. That's it.

I went to the Dallas Symphony with Nick's mom and Granny Thursday night. It was magnificent. I really enjoyed the entire night. My favorite part was not the Symphony though. I got to Nick's parents house early. Not only did he show up, but his brother was also there. So it was like a little family get together. A fire was blazing and his mother served us some soup. I had the best time just hanging out before the Symphony. One day I'd love to live near my Dad and Brenda...

Last night was the Gray neighborhood party. Geoff, Tony, Nick and I all got dressed up and went over there. It was wine and desserts. We mainly stayed in the television room and entertained the children. They are good birth control as they hung on us and screamed and ran around the room. They were adorable though! We had a nice time then we took Nick's family to look at the lights showcased on Good Morning America in Plano. That was really neat.

It's a leisurely Saturday around here. I got all my shopping done so now I am just doing the finishing touches. I spoke with my family in Welch today. Dad tried to get me a plane ticket to see them... that is so very sweet, but it is not going to work out. They are having a wonderful time. I love them so much. I also spoke with Teffy last night. She is having a boy and wants to name him Trooper... strange, but I like it! I think Julio is better fitted since he is my "nephew!" Julio Glenn Harrison. Yep...

Tonight is the Dallas Cowboys last game at Texas Stadium. Yeehaw. It doesn't really effect me... but, I'll enjoy the game! Tomorrow Nick's family is cooking me a special dinner and we are opening gifts. I hope they enjoy their gifts. I try so hard to shop for what people will love. And Monday night is my girls Christmas party. I got a really cute red hat for it!!! So excited!!! I am ready to venture home!!! I forget I need to pack... ummm... that is a priority!!! Dad and I will have our first Christmas Eve just us... but, we will make it. Ahhh Christmas is so hard on me when I am at home. I miss the olden days of Mom, Dad and me so much. It rips me apart, but I know that is my life and we must embrace our blessings. To be with the Stewarts on Christmas Eve, the fact Teffy is still with us after her horrific accident, the fact we are all together and laughing and talking... that is what matters! I don't care about gifts as long as I have love... oh, okay... and a couple of gifts :)!!!

Speaking of... it's time to finish up a few projects before time runs out!

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