Friday, November 7, 2008

Politics in a Box

This week America made history and I suppose I should bookmark it in my life. I do question if America even really made history. Obama was elected President. I don't even want to spell his whole name out because it isn't American and it confuses me. The world will still stand and our lives will still turn, but many Americans are saying we elected the first African American President. It is technically true, but I don't truly believe it truly changes America's background unless you elect Condi Rice or Martin Luther King. Obama is half of this race meaning sitting there watching Oprah cry that the entire world is changed... just isn't true. African Americans are equal in the professional realm in my eyes. I don't think Obama is any different than any other President in a professional style of the sense. Yes, his ideas might be different and his family may be a different shade of skin, but this race did not need to be all about "race." I don't care what color you are while running this country, just run it and respect it. I must say we have come so very far in this world to this day from the days of when our ancestors owned slaves. Somewhere in the middle of America's life... life evolved. I am all for equality... even though at times many would beg to differ as some of the words that fly out of my mouth make me seem very old fashioned. Sometimes I get intertwined with the old fashioned ideas and beliefs, but I do truly believe it is about personality and leadership instead of race when it comes to leading an entire country.

Now... as for the whole gay marriage thing not passing... I decided I want people to be happy. If being gay makes someone happy... then my gosh, go for it. It's very hard for me to stand behind that fact, but I do have gay and lesbian friends and I do want them to be happy. I try to live by the Bible, but I also know the Bible was written thousands of years ago when life was very different. I don't know if they had gays yet, but I do know God isn't going to send you to Hell for loving someone. I may not understand the choices, but if we are talking about equality in America then let's just not make it a gray area. It's black or white... in ethical terms, not racial terms. We are either equal all across the board... or we segregate "perfect" in one box and all the rest in tiny little boxes surrounding it.

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Finding Pam... said...

Hey Jules, What a great post. I agree with you that it should not be about the color of one's skin. I am sick to death of about, well, I just can't go there. Ditto about the gay marriage. Take care...Pam

I love it when you get political!!