Friday, November 21, 2008

Gobble Gobble

I felt a chill of happiness flow over me today and for a second I couldn't figure it out. Then I knew - I love the holiday season! I found a station here that plays Christmas 24/7. I seriously float above my car as I drive because I am singing along escaping into my own little world of Christmas. Thoughts of others consume me. It is stressful to budget and figure out who wants what, but on another note I really don't care. I want to make people happy! Getting them gifts that makes their eyes light up. That is my holiday spirit. Nick is big about volunteering and he was talking about soup kitchens and such. When I was a reporter I felt like I was really doing my part doing stories about the angels on the tree and the Salvation Army. It warmed my heart almost every day of the holiday season. I'm not quite sure how to do my part without a lot of money! It doesn't even feel like the world should work right now. We have holiday parties stacked in December along with weddings and personal holiday parties stacked on top of the professional ones. I mean, I LOVE IT!!!

Next week I will get to fly to San Antonio to be with family for Thanksgiving!!! It will be cold! Last year my favorite part was lighting a fire at Jay's house and having smores! We sat around the fire and had a ball with it. Then I sat by Malachi and watched a movie with him. It was so great. I love family so very much.

It is very cold outside! I think Nick is fixing a fire tonight. I told him we should get Smores. I just want to wrap in a blanket and watch television. Well, for Nick that means I will be forced to watch some sort of sports show tonight. I hope I can escape that! Chandra is coming in tomorrow so I will probably go see her get fitted for her wedding dress again and hang out for a bit... then it's Tech vs. OU!!! We are all going to Matt's to enjoy the game. I don't care if we win or lose, but I'm excited to watch the game atleast.

Hopefully I will scratch some folks off the Christmas list. I just wish I could find a good Christmas shopping venue here this weekend. Not sure where to go! There is Fourth Monday in Ft. Worth, but that is too far... hmmm... So many wonderful memories flood me at this time of the year. This is grand. Gobble Gobble!!!


Paige said...

You don't care if Tech wins or loses?!?! I wish I had that attitude, I have been nervous since the excitement wore off from the OSU game about ten minutes after it was over. GO TECH!!!!!!!!!!!

Pleasant Drive said...

"fixing a fire" - redneck in its truest form.