Friday, November 14, 2008


I don't really remember my first date. I guess you could say it was skating with Jordan at Skateland in fifth grade. Or being picked up in an actual car by Blake when I was fourteen to go eat at Whataburger then go to the football game. Nick is taking me on a date tonight. Somehow we make it a big deal because we enjoy hanging out with friends or chilling on his couch. Nick thinks that if you give roses every day or go out to dinner every night that you lose that sense of special. I kept bugging him that he never takes me out so maybe it isn't that he is sweet, but he wants to shut me up! Of course we go on extra fun activities like floating the river, to a million weddings, Tech football games, to visit the countryside... those are special times indeed. He has surprises in plan... all I can know is we are going to Kona Grill. I love that place! I am excited about getting all dressed up for a special time.

Dad told me last night his boss was taking him out to eat at this very nice restaurant... why... because he has been with Chevron Texaco 25 years!!! That is a LOT in the oil field with the ups and downs back in the 80s and layoffs here and there and throwing him from place to place. After Mom passed Dad spent all of his time working in Colorado, Utah and Ozona. He has definitely earned that time. I am so proud of him. I remember when I was little he had to work a lot of weekends and Mom and I went to church by ourselves a lot. He missed holidays and worked late... I am so proud of this work mentality because he shows me that you must work very hard to be successful and climbing the ladder is so rewarding in the end. Now he basically makes his own schedule and can buy the world if he wants... My dad is such a hero in every way.

Last night after work I stopped by Nick's parents to give them a framed photo of his Papa for his mother... Dianne and I spent forever on the back porch just talking. It was so nice. I would love to live near my family one day... we shall see...

Grandmommy was making fun of me for wanting to buy Dad a carbon monoxide detector for Christmas. She laughed and said that Dad told her, "Julie is so afraid of living." I was taken aback, but he is so right! I worry so much at times that I forget to live in the moment. I think I have done better as the years have passed, but sometimes I just go in the motion of work, workout, computer, sleep... repeat. I don't want to be afraid to live, but living on the edge is just not a part of me. I think I need a little rebel in me.

It's also Kathryn's birthday weekend... So excited to get all of the girls together. I want to go Christmas shopping, too... Hope I can fit it all in... or maybe I shall be really lazy! I guess to start the weekend maybe I should begin to work a little at work today. Naaahhhh....

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