Monday, November 24, 2008


It's so very quiet at work. It doesn't seem like a work week. When I was a news reporter Thanksgiving was just like any other day and the entire week was work. I guess in the corporate world I think we should all take a week off. It's too quiet to work.

Let's talk Tech.

I've never been a die hard football fan. I didn't start to truly dive into the games until this year. No, I am by no means a bandwagon fan, but I just stuck to NFL because it was easier to me. Many of my good friends were Tech cheerleaders so I always had a strong connection in college to our team, but understanding football was foreign to me. Tech got smashed by OU this weekend. It happened... okay. We all watched with our hands covering our eyes most of the time, but there was still hope in our hearts. The problem is not that we lost; the problem is how the world seems to see it. We have the same record now as Texas and OU. Why do we not gain the same respect? It pains me because our school is part of something big this year. We have an amazing team and I was feeling this sense of school pride illuminating from fans throughout Texas and beyond. The sports analyzers of the world need to wake up and realize not many teams have as many standout players as Texas Tech. We had a bad game. Everyone has bad games and bad days. I remember it well during my basketball years. This feeling that I would either go out there and kill or there were some times I just felt something was missing. So Tech had a few things missing. We are still the same team. We are still winners. I am very proud of my entire school and how we have rallied behind our football team. So when the world messes with the name of Texas Tech football they are messing with every Texas Tech alumnae and student. We aren't done showing the world our talent. This is no Cinderella story. We were and we are destined for greatness.


Paige said...

I think there are great things in the future of our football program!

Pleasant Drive said...

I think everyone should be off all week, too. That would give each person time to truly decompress and relax.

Laura said...

Couldn't have said it better myself...and I HAVE always been a die hard football fan! I am absolutely heartbroken, but by no means am I ashamed. We are TEXAS TECH RED RAIDERS, and that is something to be proud of. This has still been the best season our school has ever seen!