Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where Are They Now?

Another one bites the dust.

Or another one lets go of the rope that has been dragging them through the mud for years.

This is the world of media.

I thought of this blog after my good friend

, Darcy left news to pursue teaching broadcasting. It just seems that as the years go by and we grow up the media divas and kings of our world are weeded out. My philosophy has always been that if you aren’t going to CNN or Dallas then it just isn’t worth the sacrifice.

I loved being on television. I loved the feeling when someone recognizes you or asks you questions about the news. While all of this sounds wonderful… I don’t remember three years of my life. I seriously revolved my world around work. I didn’t have holidays or family time or a normal life. It wasn’t just about work. It was about sacrificing at work. I was thrown everywhere, we were never good enough, you got the lead story one day and the next day everything could fall through and you were just a horrible reporter for that fact. I was paid in pennies and often came home crying after a day filled with emotion.

The thing is… I often forget the bad. I had a blast meeting neat people and writing amazing stories. I loved every part of it. I loved my co-workers; I had fun at work. I loved the spotlight.

It seems as we run further away from our graduation date we jump off the wagon. Out of the twelve I graduated with in my RaiderNet News class… there is one still in news. There are two in radio. One is in modeling. My first job was at KTAB in Abilene. Some of them have stayed strong jumping up the ladder. They are now in Phoenix, Kansas, Oklahoma City and Austin. I wanted to stay in Texas. I didn’t want to sacrifice mileage. Then off to CBS 19 in Tyler. We had some go to Denver, two to Austin, one to Tuscon, one to Florida. CBS is a training ground for serious reporters. I learned so much that even watching the Dallas news I laugh because we could have done better on some of their stories. It all sounds pretty good, but I also saw so many burn out and leave…

Missy is the most dedicated anchorwoman I had ever seen. I would even get annoyed that she cared so much about the news. She is now reporting in Dallas and says that it is very hard to chase murders all day. It is hard on the psyche to endure such tough things. Mechelle gave up two years of her life away from her husband and three children for news. The station chewed her up. One of the best anchors I ever saw, Mrs. Braid Sharp got out to do PR because it was just a better life. Wendy got tired of it and is now one of the leading Pharmaceutical reps in Houston. Kimberly got her own MTV-ish show in Dallas. The list goes on and on.

I’m not saying I would never go back to it. If I had the chance if I ever moved back to We
st Texas
to anchor… I would do it. I would enjoy the life if I was given an adequate paycheck and respect from my elders as well. I was never the reporter who wanted to pursue the hard stories and that is where we differ. I cannot be Katie Couric because I do not have the mind to change my values for the media world. I cannot foresee having a family and an outside life when I am at work until 7 pm every day. Family is above everything else in the material world. For four years I stuck that in the back of my mind because I wanted to be my version of famous.

Darcy got the chance to move closer to her boyfriend. She got the chance to double her salary. She was devastated at the thought of leaving her dream. She hated leaving the friends she had made among each of her storylines. But, life had to happen.

I have no idea what the future holds. I will always have a strong root in journalism. I could get back on television tomorrow and have it all back. It’s all up to God. For now I will sit back and cheer the other fish on…. They are all so very special to me and I enjoy watching them jump up each rung of that ladder filled with sharks.

KTAB - KRBC Reporters 2004: Tawnya Bach - Reporting in Kansas; Shane McAuliffe - Reporting in College Station; Lisa Acquafredda - PR in Phoenix; Linda Mares - Reporting in Oklahoma City

Melissa Newton - We reported together in college; one of my best friends; She is now reporting in Dallas

KTAB - KTXS Reporters: Harvey Mireles - PR in San Antonio; Missy Newton - Reporting in Dallas; Damon Lane - Meteorologist in Seattle; Anita Blanton - Reporting in Richmond, VA

CBS 19: Keri Bellacosa - Reporting in Austin; Tyler Wing - Reporting in Tucson; Michele Reese - Anchoring in Tyler; Mechelle Jordan - Plans to be unveiled in September

CBS 19 Reporters - Mechelle, Julie and Lynne Sullivant; She is for the time being still in Tyler

Lynne and I with Rebecca Robinson - Becca was just crowned Miss Texas 2008!
Vickie Pierre - Reporting in Jacksonville, Florida
CBS 19; Mitchell Patton - Now focusing on music career; Annalisa Petralia - Reporting in Austin
KETK - KLTV Reporters; Noelquis Rodriquez - taking a few months off in her home state of Miami; Tracy Watler - Reporting in Tulsa

KRBC Reporters; Kyna Grigsby - Anchoring in Abilene, Meredith, Tawnya & Linda
Wendy Walker - One of my best friends from KRBC - Now a big pharmaceutical representative in Houston
Suleika Acosta - One of my college buddies - Now reporting in Tuscon
Shelby Hogue Ziemenski & I clowning around at RaiderNet News - Shelby is now a teacher in the Metroplex
Lisa and Elizabeth at KRBC - Elizabeth is now producing at the CW in Houston
Darcy Deupree - Teaching broadcasting in Ft. Worth; Morgan Ash - Starring on the jewelery channel in Houston

KTAB; Trey Marak - Radio Personality in Dallas; Ashley White - Figuring out what do next

Shavonne Herndon - We met at KTAB; She is now at CBS 19 in Tyler following my footsteps!

KTAB - Jessica Boyd; Now producing in Tyler at KLTV

Fran Adkins - After anchoring for over 25 years Fran is now happily retired

CBS 19; Clay Falls - Finishing up his contract and still climbing that ladder

Allison McFarland - Producing in Tulsa

KTAB - KRBC; Angela Taylor - Anchoring in Abilene; Sonya Van Oordt - Meteorologist in South Carolina; Craig Carnesi - Meteorologist in South Carolina; Victor Sotelo - Reporting in Abilene; Rob Mooring - Teaching; Chris Faulkner - Ministry; Brandon Rector - Meteorologist on the East Coast


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