Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hidden Talent

I think I may have missed my calling.

We went to the batting cages last night and I rocked. My grandfather was a tennis coach, my uncle is a tennis pro in Dallas and my mother was a tennis coach so I have tennis in my blood, but I never though baseball! I hit almost every single baseball!!! Nick was getting annoyed with me because I was jumping up and down between hits and yelling at the machine to bring it on! I spent my entire life devoted to basketball, cheerleading and tennis... but, heck, maybe the Olympics needs a new hitter ;)!!!

Tomorrow I'm getting up bright and early for church... I'm trying a new one for me with Kristen and Cohen. Then Sarah is flying in so Hayley and I are entertaining her! High school reunion 2000 :)!!! Today was so relaxing. First day of the weekend I couldn't lay out... so Sylvia came over and we went shopping! Then I was really bored so I went to watch Nick and Matt battle it out on X Box NCAA 09... my gosh, not exactly the highlight of my life. They are pretty fun to watch though. I tried to play Nick by being OU, but I'm not quite skilled at NCAA 09 yet. I'll stick to my new sport of batting.

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