Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Perfect Couple

I saw what some might consider a miracle yesterday. I saw what I considered a dream yesterday.

I was sitting on this bench awaiting Andrea Mayard at The Blue Goose and watching people as they strolled by in and out of the restaurant. If you fast forwarded the story too far you would know that I went to the wrong Blue Goose and everyone was downtown and I look like a total loon now just waiting, but God loves to laugh... This little old man with his cane struts out of the restaurant. He is then followed by a little old lady with her cane. I instantly fell in love with this idea. They joked a little and she told him she needed to hold his hand so she would not fall. They probably thought I was insane with this huge smile on my face staring at them. What a blessing.

It is my dream to have that one day. They were taking care of one another at a very old age. They smiled and laughed together. I stared into their lives knowing they had been through it all together. Nick and I have only been together four months, yet we've weathered many highs and lows. Right now we are weathering a great time at the river followed by his poison ivy extreme. Wow... think of what you can gain in fifty plus years! I used to look at my parents in amazement growing up at their love because it was always filled with laughter and a deepness I couldn't yet understand.

I read the list of reasons on Lindsey's newest blog about why she loves being married to her husband. It warms my heart to see such love in the world. It is the simplest of things that makes our hearts love. It is all about something from God we cannot understand.

That little couple had no idea they made my day. They give all of us hope in a world where divorce is like ordering another meal at McDonalds. I always call it window shopping for a husband. Nick says it isn't his fault I went window shopping and picked him! (And that in noooo way means he is my husband!) Seriously... when you window shop for a lifelong mate it is not returnable.... well, maybe in some cases. When we date now and throughout our young lives we need to look at each of those people sitting across from us at the table and wonder if we can see ourselves each with canes walking out of Blue Goose. If not... then it remains both a miracle and a dream waiting to happen.


Pleasant Drive said...

Sweet post. Love is enduring, not a feeling. It's a conscious choice you make everyday to bless someone else's life.

Tammy M. said...

Hi Julie -
Thanks for your post on my blog. We are still excited about Derek. And thank you for praying for Brendon. I will update everyone on him today so click back over if you get a chance.
Great post today, good thoughts, thanks for sharing. Marriage is such a blessing, we heard a speaker one time (Gary Thomas/Sacred Marriage) and he said Marriage is to make you holy not happy. Putting someone else first every day until the Lord takes us home is definately a growing experience. Blessings to you friend.