Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Dallas Cowboys, NCAA & Sambuca Weekend

I had such a wonderful weekend filled with blessings.

The world seems to want to hear about the Dallas Cowboys party. Hold your horsies.

Friday night I put myself through the sheer torture of being a good girlfriend. I went over to Matt's where the boys were having a NCAA 09 tournament. Kristen, Lanna and I chilled upstairs and made homemade pizza. When it got to the point Kristen and I were falling asleep on the couch I knew it was time to go home! The best part of my night was laying by Nick on the bed just talking about life. Those are the true moments from God.

Saturday I layed out all day in the wonderful sunshine. I played two games of beach volleyball with some people at the pool... I served the winning volley... I rock. Then it was time to get dressed for my big party. I bought a new BCBG dress for a wedding next weekend and a cocktail dress for the party so I might be begging on the streets soon. Matt decided not to go with Kristen so at first Nick wasn't going to go. I was really hurt because I wanted it to be a big night for us all to get dressed up and meet neat people. I cried and cried... until all my make up was gone... I had to redo it... Being the sweetheart that Nick can be he got all dressed up and even got a taxi so he didn't have to drive and come downtown to meet me! It was open bar and free food... The party was thrown by Michael Goolsby who was a Cowboy... he is starting a new business venture - it was at the W Hotel downtown. Security was everywhere and they were really crazy about their guest list. The food made me laugh first. It was "ritzy" food... I thought it was horrible! It was all different cheeses, olives, weird meats... I felt sorry for Nick because he couldn't figure out what some of the food was even. I did like the goat cheese. Open bar with the top notch alcohols was truly wonderful... Grey Goose vodka makes me happy. I sound like a lush, but it is very smooth.

We watched the partygoers stroll in. The ones that make me laugh are the big ole football players wearing sunglasses in a dark room. They were all very, very friendly. The guest list included some of the biggest stars like Romo and Owens.... but, they didn't come... I couldn't tell the difference in all of them, but there were some I had seen on "Hard Knocks," the HBO Dallas Cowboys show. I met a lot of them, but they didn't act like superstars or anything; everyone was just having a good time enjoying one another.

Nick, Kristen and I stood on the balcony and just talked and enjoyed the air. It was so peaceful and such a great night. I am glad we went. My idea of a fun night would truly be just standing on a balcony in a t-shirt sipping a glass of wine with wonderful people... but, it was a lot of fun to be all dressed up with lots of security, top notch food and drinks and interesting people.

After another day of basking in the sun getting skin cancer... tonight my photog buddy from Tyler, Mike came in town. He took me to this really nice restaurant in Addison called Sambuca. It was such wonderful cuisine! I had the crab stuffed salmon with asparagus. We had a great talk... mainly about the life of news. I forget a lot of time why I got out and I remember the wonderful times, but I forget that for four years I had no social life except on weekends and that I was a slave to my trade. I do miss the exciting parts of it, but I forget all of the unethical happenings behind the scenes. It was interesting to hear his perspective on news and see where everyone has gone and how we are changing and many of us jumping out of news because we want lives. If we want to be on CNN... that's a different story... but, being a reporter defined me for way too long. I want to be happy and happiness is not found in handcuffs.

Now it is time for bed and we look towards a new week. Thank God for these blessings. I sat by the pool reading my Bible learning all that God wants in my life and trying to remember I need to always put His words in my life... I told Nick it was "God's quilting" - He's always quilting my life day by day.

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