Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunshine Weekend

Such a great weekend! So much sunshine!
Anna, Andrea, Kacie, Julie
Kathryn, Raelyn, Julie

Friday we didn't do too much. Nick was still recovering from poison ivy so I went over there and we watched the Olympics. Saturday was a total blast! Andrea had everyone over to lay by the pool! It was mainly our usual crowd of former Tech cheerleaders, me and guy friends.... most of them Aggies! I was in Heaven chilling on the float. It was just so wonderful to close my eyes and just be there in that moment. Thank God for sunshine.

Two of my dear friends got married in Tyler Saturday... I had planned to go... but with Nick's poison ivy and figuring up the costs of all my road trips... I knew all week my heart wasn't truly planning to go. I could have gone without Nick, but a car trip there and back alone seemed not too great... I wish Melisa and Stephen all the happiness in the world.

Matt had everyone over later to wish Keele and Jeff goodbye as they move to San Antonio. We watched the Cowboys game and Olympics. I think Keele and I will have our official goodbyes this week. She has been so wonderful to me since I moved here. We have been friends for twelve years now, but I will really miss not having her five miles away. I might miss her queso more though.

Today we planned to all go the lake. I was excited, but Jeromy's tire was flat this morning and the clouds tried to threaten the day! It was okay though... I chilled by my own pool! The girls went out to Lake Grapevine to watch Kacie get baptized. That warmed my heart. I met Kacie at Tech when she cheered with Jana. She is always so happy and sweet. Her, her mother and sister all got baptized together. It is so wonderful what God can do in our lives. Even at our age... wow... what a blessing.

Church was all about resting on Sunday today. I do believe I followed scripture! I did throw the football with Nick tonight... showed him some girl domination... cough cough... I'm learning the perfect spiral! I still don't feel as if I have a correct church home. I do enjoy it, but I need a HOME.

And... I need sleep... I love weekends. I love sunshine. I love life.

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Kelly and Andrew said...

i'm jealous. i am really in need of some pool time.