Friday, August 22, 2008

Dallas Cowboys Part-ay

I get to attend a Dallas Cowboys event tomorrow night!

Now... in my reporting days I interviewed Bill Bates, Jay Novacek & Roger Staubach. It doesn't really excite me because they are all just people, but it is going to be a blast to get all dressed up for a Cowboys party!

Kristen called last night and said she needed a few people to attend with her since her friend's company is sponsoring the party at the "W" Hotel. She said we could bring Nick and Matt, get all dressed up, have free drinks and just enjoy a good ole time. It's not a lot of the big star athletes... I do believe Tony Romo is included though. Nick is a huge Cowboys fan and he knows all of them so that is great for him.

My childhood sweetheart, Jordan, has more money than life can imagine and he has a box at the games. He gets to go hang out with them a lot during practice and such. I'm not that into sports, but it's always fun to get a glimpse into their exciting little world. I mean, tonight I get to watch my boyfriend and his friends play NCAA 09 all night.... yeehaw.

Maybe Jessica Simpson will give me the number of her agent.

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Meegan said...

I'm jealous. That is all I have to say. lol