Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Madness

This weekend means the summer has officially started. The first glistening of red upon my shoulders that isn't spray tan must mean the sunshine means business! We had the best weekend and enjoyed every minute!

Friday Nick and his roommates had a barbecue to celebrate Tony's birthday. We all just hung out around the huge amount of food and chatted the night away.

Saturday Shyloh was in town so the gals went to Jana & Andrea's to lay by the pool. We had such a great time doing the girl chat thing. Nothing is better than a day full of girl gab! After we baked ourselves for a bit we got the dogs and took them to Mi Cocina on the patio. Shyloh lives in Lubbock and doesn't to get visit often so we love when she comes so we can entertain her with the "city life." After all of that action I was beat so Nick and I went to see the coolest movie of the year... Scream 4... at the dollar theatre. Ummm no... horrible movie!!! (Though I must admit I checked all of my closets last night before bed!)...

Sunday Anna had some tickets to the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament so Nick and I met Jana, Andrea, Jason, Shyloh and Anna for a day of socializing... errr golfing. While the girls did another gab session we sent the guys to watch golf. We hung out in the pavilion and enjoyed the sunshine.

Today on Memorial Day Nick's roommate from college, Brandon and his wife, Sara were in town so we went out to their parents' house in Wylie and played by the pool. They are a blast and it's always so much fun to hang out!

Dad and Brenda spent their weekend working on some yard projects. Every time I talked to Dad he sounded out of breath, but he was so very proud of his accomplishment! The only thing that would have made the weekend better was to hang out with family! One thing Dad taught me is how great it feels to stand back and admire something that you put hard work into. They worked so hard on removing this large planter in their backyard among other things this weekend. When it's all done you are covered in dirt and sweat.... but, you feel AMAZING!!!

I feel a bit like that right about now even though I haven't accomplished much this weekend. Being around good friends is the best dose of medicine. That laughter and love is pure addiction. God has always blessed me with angelic friends. After a day by the pool and playing games I am covered in sweat and dirt, but it's a peaceful feeling.

Memorial Day is not forgotten in the fun and games. I am thankful for all that the military men and women do for us on a daily basis. It is so easy to be so far away from it all in my mind. I do not know many military men and women on a close level so sometimes it is far from my understanding. But, to truly understand what they go through and what their wives go through is something unfathomable. The families as a unit are such true heroes. They protect us on a daily basis putting their lives on the line. Both of my grandfathers were amazing veterans. Grandaddy would tell many stories about his time in World War II. So young then I didn't understand the depth of his stories. Sometimes when I sit and think about it I am overwhelmed. These heroes go to another country leaving everything they know... to protect us. They know they might not come home, yet they know it is their calling from God. I remember covering many military stories in the news - their homecomings and when they got to first chat on the phone (Skype now)... I was always moved to tears with their emotion. We would cover deployments in Abilene and that about made me sick watching them hold so tightly to their husbands and wives before having to leave. Yes, we all fight our own battles, but their battle is one of a different caliber.

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