Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunshine is my Drug

Sunshine is my drug. I just simply could not live without it. This drug has kept me hopping lately. Summer has been busy and exciting!

Last week Nick and I got last minute tickets to Rihanna... Floor seats... oh dear. The show was great and she is a spectacular performer, but halfway through it a light caught fire. Not cool. We laughed at the people freaking out running out the doors. We just slowly left as they made us leave. We even played a bit on the firetruck outside!!!

After the excitement of Rihanna... remember I have only been to Lady Gaga and Christian concerts... Anna and I got the chance to go to Britney Spears - floor seats again!!! Surreal!!! We had such a blast. I'm not a Britney fan as I don't enjoy that she never sings live, but I did enjoy the performance as a whole. We danced and sang and laughed the entire time. What a great night!!!

We've sure been keeping busy as well as you can see in the photos below. Anna hosted a pasta and wine night. She and her brother cooked us up an Italian extravaganza!

We also have tried to get to the lake as much as possible. Last weekend Nick and I took out Andrea, Anna, Chelsea and Austin. We were in the "party cove" just swimming and hanging out. A man swam over and asked if we had seen this man and he described him... we had not... Come to find out the man was missing. I kept thinking he must be on another boat as it is a crowded area and you don't just go "missing." Then the patrols came in and began searching... we all sat around for a bit in the water watching and asking questions, but they finally made us all leave. I found out in the newspaper he had jumped in and never resurfaced. We didn't understand why no one could save him. It was very sad. Needless to say after that happened our spirits were a little sapped.

Anyway... I believe it is the 16th day in the row of over 100 temperatures. I know I say sunshine is my drug, but they also say addiction kills ya... I just might be ready for a cloudy day! Until it comes I shall enjoy my addiction.

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