Monday, December 12, 2011

Jesus' Season

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is go shopping when it turns dark and the cold tingles your face. I love to dash into Wal Mart and chit chat with the Salvation Army bell ringer. I put a lot of stress on myself to find good gifts for the family. As I've said a million times before - we like to get a lot of gifts, not one big gift, but like 15 smaller gifts and maybe one big gift!!! I tend to show a lot of my love other ways than just putting my arms around people!!! It's so fun to look for others. Let me tell ya that I had a blast at Toys R Us looking for my nephews and nieces gifts... I was a little kid again! I think I'll go back to playing Barbies. Just come over to my house and we'll set up the Barbie house and play.

Everything is jam packed... love it that way. I think I have one free night this week! Yay!!! This past weekend Nick, Geoff, Kimberly and I headed out to Deerfield in Plano to look at lights. We parked the car and walked around staring at the lights. So magical. People were shouting, "Merry Christmas" to us! Yesterday was Nick's mom's birthday so Nick got us tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra. It was amazing. Beyond amazing. The talent. We had a really nice time. I made Nick's mom a DVD of all of their old home videos edited together with music. We had a great time watching it. His dad even had a tear roll down his cheek. That's a mission accomplished!!! I worked so hard on it to make her happy.

I don't understand the magic of this time. Nick gets frustrated with my obsession over Christmas that lasts the entire month, but it seems to be the only time everything is magical. People are nicer and the world is a better place. It is like this little version of a dream world that only lasts for a short time. It's Jesus' season so I guess that all makes sense!!!

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