Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Pictures, Parties & Pandemonium

They say it will feel like the holidays in a few hours when the cold front hits. Dad's knees are an even better indicator as he can hardly walk today. We have hit the season full speed. I try to relish every day of it. Each night I am busy either shopping for others, working out or attending a holiday function. Staying at home cozying up is not an option! Okay... I lie... Friday night I was so sleepy I went out in search for one of dad's gifts, came home when I couldn't find it, and hit the bed by 10.

Last night we had two parties. The first was Kacie's surprise 30th. So much fun. I think she knew about it a little, but she was still shaking. It was mainly our little group that hangs out a lot, her sisters and their church friends. Nick and I decided to take Christmas photos to send out in cards just wherever we could... I wrestled with figuring out a dress and truthfully it wasn't my favorite choice that made the photos, but ya had to see the entire cute outfit! It was too hot for Nick to wear his argyle sweater I wanted him to match me! Anyway... we had fun trying to get the right poses, too!!! At the party we watched the Heisman in the middle of it! We are sooo wild!!!

Jana, Julie, Andrea, Kacie, Raelyn

Showing me how to correctly pose
Andrea, Kacie, Jana
Then we went to Sean & Karen's house... They live right down the block from Nick about two miles away in Plano. We ate and hung out and laughed until after midnight. There were little kids there so Nick had a blast running around with them. My best friend, Cody and his girlfriend, Kristy were there so we got to hang out with them, too! The best kind of nights. We had such a nice time!!!

Nick, Cody, Julie

"Don't pose like that!"

Cody being cool, Nick posing like me
Kristy & Cody

Santa hats rock

 I know the holidays are about Jesus and family and love. My favorite things!!! Absorb every minute because it's magical.

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