Sunday, January 20, 2013

31 Candles

I was not that cool with turning 31. I do believe it beats the alternative! I decided this year with all the fun wedding planning and insanity I just needed a break so I decided it was time for all girls! Nick took me out Thursday night to Terillis for a wonderful dinner and Friday night I hung out with Jana and went to the CRU Wine Bar for dinner. Dad and Brenda called me at midnight to tell me Happy Birthday! Funny thing, I was asleep - they are cooler than me!!! Saturday morning on my actual 31 candles Nick and I went to breakfast then I went to just chill out. We began the festivities by Andrea, Kacie, Suleika and I went to get manis and pedis. We had so much fun. Suleika brought us some mimosas and we just chit chatted and didn't even notice our beautiful nails until they were completely done. I planned my party at Painting with a Twist. Kacie, Jana, Sarah, Stephanie, Andrea and I all got some goodies and headed up there. I invited a few other gals that couldn't come, but the ones that came turned out to be such a very special group of women to me, in fact, all of them but one are a few of my bridesmaids! We have all been friends for over ten years! We had a blast painting! I'll let the pictures tell the story, but I understand now I'm not Picasso. Such a blessed birthday. 31 isn't so bad... let's hope!

Andrea, Julie, Kacie
Stephanie, Sarah

Hard At Work

Mine looks like child's artwork. Sad.
Andrea's is amazing
Stephanie's Canvas

Half of my bridesmaids

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