Friday, July 18, 2014

San Diego Anniversary

It seems as if our wedding day was yesterday. The emotions still reign fresh and everything feels the same, yet the world has been turning for an entire year. Marriage is tough. I never believed people about the first year of marriage, but it is work. Nick's mom always says anything worth fighting for is work. It's wonderful as well. We spent our first anniversary in San Diego. A year ago we thought we would go over to Hawaii and enjoy time there, but we are now living only a few hours from sunny California. We were both very excited at the thought of going to the zoo!!!

We got there Friday and headed to La Jolla Beach. For us the water and the air was a bit too cold. The sand was hot beneath our feet, but the waters were way too cold. We sat on the beach and just watched all of the fearless surfers and crazy people in the waters. That night we walked to Little Italy to this little place Nick's family told us about. The portions were huge! It was truly authentic Italian.

This bottle is not ours, but it was above our table.

Saturday we headed for a day of fun at the Zoo. Wow, it was huge! The animals were so cool and we were just in awe the entire time. I think my favorite was the panda. Everything was cute, but I have to go with the exotic thing. I'll tell the story with pictures.

Santa's reindeer in their offseason!


Panda is cool. This was the mama!

These are related to giraffes.

All the koalas we saw were asleep!


This Tasmanian Devil was named Nick.

After the Zoo we were pretty beat. We went to George's to eat that night to view the sea. It was beautiful!!! After George's we headed down to the beach to see the seals. They were right there!!! I cannot believe it!

Sunday we went to visit Chris, Tara and Natalie. We all walked up to a little eatery. It's so funny because everything in Cali seems to be "crunchy granola.' Not much meat, all organic.. the way I love it! A kid skateboarded into the shop to eat! You don't see that in Texas much! We also walked a lot during our time there which I loved!!!

We did not have a our wedding cake so we settled on a Dairy Queen Cake blizzard!!! Ahhh a year of marital bliss... not always, but usually!!! It's been a wonderful time with my best friend!!!

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