Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Country Princess to Casino Queen

Enjoying our pool

My friend says I should make this blog all about being a transplant in a new place. Texas and Nevada are very different, yet the same. Maybe I will. We've been throwing around catchy names, too. It's quite interesting if you sit back as an outsider like me. Being in a new place is very strange. I feel like we are still in Dallas. I still talk to all of my friends and family the same. Nick jokes I've always been a better Facebook friend anyway! I am great at staying in touch. So it's not the distance. It's strange because it just is. You pinch yourself and wonder what the heck is going on some days. I pray a lot asking for guidance. People ask over and over how life is in Vegas... Well, it's life! We do a lot of outdoor activities. We are always riding our bikes, taking walks, sitting by the pool just chatting. Nick golfs a lot and sometimes he makes me drive the cart. We explore new areas and go shopping in the little shopping centers. We eat a lot of fruit because it's really fresh here. We go to church most Sundays, but we haven't gotten as involved as we would like at this point. We have a handful of friends, and hey, it's hard to meet new people even when you are as social as the two of us. Let's talk about stereotypes, that shall be this discussion.

While I do feel I am still in the same location, I am thrown back into my place when I tell people I am from Texas. Some say they think of guns and trucks. Others think we are cowboys. Another asked if we were all Baptists. I grew up in West Texas in a small town, but not tiny. My last location in Texas was a huge city. I don't know which I love better. I loved growing up in Big Spring. My family is in West Texas. It has my heart. Dallas is where most of our friends are, where Nick grew up, the world at your fingertips. I am very naive which can be both good and bad. I am very proud of my roots. All Texans aren't cowboys. We don't all own guns. We aren't all Baptists. Actually, I love these thoughts though. Many of my family and friends are farmers. Most do own guns. And well, we are actually many different denominations. I didn't own a pair of Cowboys boots until a few years ago... except the time I went through the Wrangler stage in 4th grade. To me Texans are friendly, loyal, predominately truck driving, great people..... just like the people of Las Vegas... with less trucks...

Everyone thinks Las Vegas is full of sin and lights. People that live here don't hang out on the Strip. Oh, sometimes Nick and I will go for a show or play a slot, but it just isn't something people think of to do. It has a small town feel. It seems everyone I meet is a transplant like me. Many are from the East coast trying to find the sun. We see many people biking around town or even on their skateboards. Everyone seems to be all about going green. The homes all basically look the same, stucco with Spanish tile. The yards are beautiful full of gorgeous landscaping. At first I hated them because all I saw was rock. Now I see the palm trees and flowers. The Strip is like another country. It's exciting, but it's just a different realm. The people don't talk about it really. No one ever asks if we have been over there in a bit. I don't know if a lot of people are religious in this area. We started going to a church our friends told us about and we've enjoyed it so I guess that's all that matters to us.

So we are still trying to figure it all out. I guess you just go where God leads and try not to ask many questions! Though we are great at keeping in touch our hearts are very lonely for our family and friends. Talking on the phone is never enough! Nick is very blessed with guy friends that love to talk on the phone and text as many men don't do that. We are both raised that you go visit people you love and you never take friendships for granted. No matter how many friends we have in this new land we don't lose grasp of those in other lands. I've always held tightly to those I love and just made more room in my heart for others. So if we're talking stereotypes let's just say "from country princess to casino queen" - (thanks to Jen for the title!)... the adventure continues...

Biking to a park by our house
Labor Day Party
Loves to Grill
Mufasa is happy
Biking to a nearby neighborhood

Firepit time

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