Sunday, December 13, 2009

Almost Christmas!

Things are such a whirlwind right now as they always are at Christmas! I enjoy each day... I shop, workout, shop some more... eat cookies... I just love it. I spent many hours today perfecting my Christmas card online and should get them out this week. I send way too many, but I just get so excited!!! I decided this year for the card for Nick and I to take pictures with his beloved dog, Shiner... Well, his dad is a photographer on the side so I thought it'd be cool if he took some snapshots of us... We get to Nick's parents' that night and an entire lighting system and backdrop are set up!!! Jim made us take pictures by ourselves, too... then he made his brother come in there and put on a good shirt to take pictures by himself!!! He was loving it. We took a lot and it was fun. I didn't feel as if I was looking my best, but oh well... We can't win them all! People keep making fun of us for taking pictures together saying we are getting married... For the record - NO TIME SOON!!! I wish... but, we don't know where our professional lives are leading and Nick is only 25 so we both need to let parts of us grow before that step... He jokes he wants to be like Goldie and Kurt... umm... yeah... noooo.

Saturday night we had a few parties to go to, but my favorite was hanging out with my Big Spring friends! Blair was excited he bought a real tree so we all went over to his house... I got to see Lauren's parents and Josh's parents... and I finally got to see Lauren's ring! James and his wife, Hamilton, Cody... all there... all treasured friends from my childhood to now. We played games and ate a lot and just talked... That is my idea of a little piece of Heaven. I just truly love being places where you can feel the love.

Lauren - Friends since first grade

Cody, Blair, James - We took this picture to show our old Student Council teacher, Mrs. R because we literally spent two years all together as officers... Here's a flashback ten years ago (Jon lives far away, Mike lives in Phoenix and Heddy lives in Midland, but atleast you got four of us together!)...

Tonight we celebrated Nick's mom's birthday. I baked her a cake... and it was very sad. I didn't have measuring cups at work where I was making it (Hey, it was last minute) so I threw in the oil and water... a lot of it... It was a bit mushy in the middle, but the outside was yummy! The other day I started a fire on the stove making eggs... Man... I am not Donna Reed.

Toast to this week... Three more Christmas parties... I just totally love it.

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Di said...

My friend You are gorgeous as always! I love the pic where Shiner is giving you a kiss sooo cute!