Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's a New Year

Here we are in 2011. It seems a bit surreal. I reflect on resolutions we are to make... but, I began walking in my new resolutions a long time ago. My main one is be mean. Yes, sounds funny... To stand up for myself and to have confidence. It's been working quite well lately. I am tired of being too nice and tired of not getting what I want in life because I worry what others will think. It's hard not to wonder what others think at times, but it also helps me in my daily life to hold my head high and do things that please me and help me live the utilitarian life.

I've also promised to cook more. When I was in Midland Brenda and I cooked up a great meal... We even fried chicken! I made chicken, potatoes and gravy. It was yummy, too!!! So tonight when Nick comes over I am cooking chicken (not frying, but baking), sweet potatoes sliced up and grilled asparagus. For one I want to know what is in my food. Preservatives are not fun. Tomorrow I get my physical results and I'm just sure they will tell me my cholesterol is high... it runs in the family... even though I'm slim and I run a lot... it must not matter! This week I went to the grocery store and bought things for the week... I don't usually go out anyway to eat, but it will help with the cash flow!!! A lot of fruits, veggies, soups, frozen steamable veggies, crackers... things like that.

Let's go back to New Years...

We had a get together at Nick's and a lot of our friends came. Katie and Tony came in from Houston and Katie's brother traveled from England. He is so neat to talk to... they have different lingo and don't know much about football or our food. He was excited to go to an American McDonalds! We all hung out and watched the ball drop. I was in bed by 12:30 because I'm cool like that. I didn't take any pictures... I had on a new outfit and everything, but I missed the opportunity for pictures!!! I decided New Years is a weird holiday because you have to dress up just a few days after Christmas when you feel like a whale and it's cold outside.

We went to the Texas Tech Bowl game... It was frozen, but fun! We met up with my Big Spring friends in the parking lot and hung for a bit... Then we found sunshine to watch the game! I saw so many old friends! I ran into Laura Norris Landenberger and Laura Lowe Freeman who are my sorority sisters... so good to see them. Then we ran into Allison Spencer Gilmore and her husband and brother! Allison sat next to us for a while and we got to talk. She is such a spirited Red Raider. She was so involved in the game! I must admit I'm more into socializing!!! We got to catch up about her adorable daughter and just life in itself. Old friends are wonderful. Then Missy and Josh came to sit with us. Missy is a reporter in Dallas and I don't watch the news much, but we love to relive old news life together. She climbed the ladder and went through insanity to get to Dallas, but she has the true heart of a reporter. I never had her fire for hard news. I like the fun stories!!! We had a blast catching up. She has always been one of my favorite people. We are both total West Texans at heart so we talked about West Texas things!!! We need to get together more often, but she lives in Ft. Worth and that seems light years away!!!

Back to 2011. Back to reality. I turn 29 in a few weeks and I am trying to run away. It doesn't seem real at all. But, here we are. The journey of life is always winding. We are always walking along and trying to hold God's hand. I'm scared to death of a new year because I never know what it holds. Dad says he can look back and see tragedies in his years, but he has never seen a fully bad year. God somehow always makes the path straight and helps us through each day. In 2001 we lost Mom and 9/11 hit, but I can see that in the bright lights of the year, but I can also remember such good times in sorority Rush and life in college and that summer...

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Justin and Allison said...

I really had so much fun catching up with you. We need to get everyone together more often.