Sunday, December 26, 2010

Unwrapping Christmas

Christmas has wrapped up and it seems so very surreal. I'm trying to absorb every millisecond possible with the family and friends. We began Christmas Eve at the Gray household with their family, Nick's godfather and his seven children and their children...

The Gray household, to say the least... was overwhelming! There were so many people I could not count them! It was so much fun. We ate a lot, stood around and talked, a little boy read the Bible story and we prayed, Jim took professional shots of all of the families and then we opened gifts... WOWSERS. I don't have the professional shot yet... but, I do have one of my family we took in front of my lil tree!!! It was such a neat experience. There were little kids running through the house while the adults laughed and carried on. The Teters even got to make a visit. I was so worried if Brenda and Dad were entertained, but they seemed to enjoy the visit, too.

Nick got me beautiful diamond earrings! I think people thought he was going to propose because of his little speech, but no... too cliche. I'm getting really frustrated with everyone pushing me to get married... I'm almost there... but, there's still a long journey ahead! ... Anyway, so Nick says I always tell him to get a rock from his garden and write me a poem on it and that would suffice as a sweet gift... so my gift is a sort of rock! I am in love with them... but, I would like a poem just as much... maybe! I got him golf irons, an Under Armour polo and a few small items just for fun.

Dad, Brenda, Nick and I went back to my place to open just our gifts. This picture doesn't do it justice, but my family is a little crazy about gifts. We love to open!

I think we scare Nick with the amount of gifts. As you can see... Santa each year brings us kids the essentials in a huge bag full of toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products... that sort of thing... I think I get about 40 gifts or so... that's just normal to us only children. I try to get Dad and Brenda as much as I can, but I just try to make it meaningful. We had so much fun ripping open gifts and enjoying them. I don't even know my favorite. I got a lot of kitchenware and clothing. I just loved everything so much. I was sad when Dad and Brenda left for bed. It felt surreal that it was all over so quickly. I talked to God about my blessings for a long time that night.

We headed out to Henryetta, Oklahoma to my stepbrother's family's house on Christmas morning.

My stepbrother, Steven and his wife, Ashley and their daughter, Rylie & Saige

By the time we got there the girls had already gotten their gifts from Santa and they were beyond thrilled. Rylie is four and Saige is 20 months... oh man they are sooo much fun!!! I have been ridden like both a horsey and a piggy. I've been tied to the playhouse because I was a bad dog. I have been licked by a play puppy. I've been jumped up and down on like a trampoline. It seems like torture, right? Actually it's quite fun! Wow... mothers are tough folks!!!

Rylie's new puppy, Slinky

I like posed pictures, but my dad does not. We were chilling on the couch after a long day. This is Ashley's mom, Carla and all of us...

We went to church this morning and I have talked before about how much I love their preacher. I really enjoy his thoughts and listen to the sermon with open ears. There are a few things I want to work on in the next year and one is getting more involved with my church. Ashley and I went on a walk in the frigid weather and we looked at some really neat houses. It seems so desolate, yet there are these huge and neat houses in the middle of these random lots. By the time we got back everyone was settling into football mode. I've never watched so much football! Steven is a coach so he lives and breathes it... this is when I roam away and go play Toy Story with Rylie!

Tomorrow morning we are going shopping in Tulsa... then we are headed West on Tuesday for more adventure... Life is so fragile and I just thank God for allowing me to enjoy my loved ones at this time.

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