Monday, December 13, 2010

Manufacturing Christmas

The magic of Christmas swirls through the air and I just cling to each day as if it’s a balloon trying to fly away. Maybe I try to manufacture Christmas in a sense. Like I am trying to create what I had as a child. I want to bottle that and just drink it.

We have been going to a few Christmas parties and it has been a blast! Last week we had Nick’s parents’ neighborhood party in Lake Highlands and then my company party at The Village in Dallas. It was so pretty and so much fun. I didn’t feel like putting on a dress in the tundra, but I'm so glad we went!!! Tonight starts with an ornament exchange at Sandi’s; Toys for Tots Dinner tomorrow night for work; Sarah Cohen’s Birthday Outing; Holiday Sales Gathering at work Friday; Andrea’s Charity Party Saturday… Wow… I love it. I’m sure we’ll stuff some in here and there. Nick and I are trying to get a group together to do the carriage ride through Deerfield this weekend. We usually just go in our car, but it takes forever and is annoying in lines. We want to enjoy it and sip hot chocolate and sing along. Okay… so people in Dallas seem to think their lights are the best… well, they don’t know about my hometown… Big Springers try to outdo one another so each house is bigger and better with decor. I grew up on the “Christmas Light” street where legend is you had to put lights on your house in your contract…but, it was major and beautiful. I really miss that magic. The lights here are great… but, NOTHING compared to Big Spring!!!

All this talk about gifts and parties makes the manufacturing. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the lights and have to look at the true meaning. It’s not a cliché that Jesus is the reason for the season. Everything about Christmas is Jesus. Don’t you see? When I talk about the giving and the lights and the magic… isn’t that all Jesus? Lately on my heart has been my precious friend, Lindsey with breast cancer and brain cancer… It’s not the fact she has battled and beaten it now three times, but the miracles surrounding it that knock me to my knees in my faith. Just a sample… Lindsey and her husband decided to sell their luxurious home and cars after knowing the finances they are facing… these were all sold in three days… Lindsey was offered a job outside her traditional classroom setting and if she wasn’t in this job now when her brain tumor hit she wouldn’t have been able to take a leave… Her seizure hit during the holidays so she could take minimal days of vacation… They were able to give one of their dogs away in 24 hours to an amazing home… wow… I could go on and on… The point is that there is no way any of this could have happened by coincidence. I tried to remember this when I am worrying about the smallest worries of my day. God is taking care of the big ones… so if He can move mountains… He can certainly heal me.

I’ll try not to manufacture my own Christmas. At times it’s difficult not to fill my own vile of medicine with this magic… but, it’s best to let the season come as it may and just enjoy each day with the excitement and vigor of a child.

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Pleasant Living said...

Beautiful post. You know, I often think the same thing, "How can I make this Christmas have the same magic that Christmas had when I was a child?" It's almost a let down if we do expect it to come from the merriment of the season. It's only Jesus. He's the only magic. It's a hard lesson to learn, though.