Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's a Charity Bash

A large part of Christmas is about giving. It seems every Hallmark movie tells us that. I'm not sure that the Bible tells us this is the only season to give, but it seems the magic whirls so much that we just open our hearts. Andrea hosted a Charity party this weekend and it was so much fun. Nick and I were assigned to a 16 year old girl. I had a blast as I went through my closet and drawers just to give her extra things! Her actual gift wrapped up were what she asked for - a pair of Skinny jeans from Forever 21!!! Our friend, Kacie is close to this family... There are TEN children... and the parents work very hard to support them. They sleep on blankets in their small apartment and volunteer at the food bank to help others. They are a very special family. You should have seen the presents flowing!!! Andrea and Kacie went to surprise them tonight with gifts!!!

We had a good time... I got to hang out with Stephanie as she came over from Arlington with her husband. It was so good to all get together since Jana, Stephanie and I have been friends for over ten years now!!! Andrea danced as she always dances ;)... and Chad did cheerleading stunts with the old cheerleaders as he will never grow out of it! Nick talked sports with the guys while us gals talked about shopping and girly things.

I'm so ready for this weekend. Dad and Brenda will be here on Eve and we will celebrate with Nick's family. We will then travel to Oklahoma to be with my stepbrother and his family. We will THEN make the long trip through Snyder to see Grandmommy and go back to Midland. We are celebrating with the Stewart family after this! And... then I'll fly back... WHEEEW... So exciting!!!

Jana & Stephanie

I look a bit like a chipmunk here, but Andrea and Stephanie are hotties.

Why does Nick look afraid?

Never a dull moment with Chad.

Brian and Kacie

Jana and Jason

Stephanie and Jody

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