Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back to the Future

I'm going back to my so-called real life tomorrow. I haven't written a blog about Grandmommy's death because I want it to be a true tribute and I just am not in that mental capacity yet. If you don't know... she passed away of a heart attack at age 83. Not on any prescriptions and in seemingly good health... My uncle called me Monday night and I had to in turn call my Dad... (She was Mom's mom, but Dad and her were very close)... And I sit here in awe as my mother, Granny Jac and now my only living grandparent passed away in my life of heart attacks so suddenly as if I was run over by a truck with the news. Grandmommy's husband, Bill passed away of a heart attack after running five miles before I was born as well. Dad says it's the best way to go as he watched his father pass of cancer... I just don't know. Shock is the best phase there is, but for me I am a smiling stonewall during times of tragedy and no one knows that it still sure is hard... Anyway, I will write a tribute in the next few days.

I came home Wednesday and we quickly went into business mode. Dad and I drove to Snyder when I flew in to meet with my uncle and visit the funeral home. Thursday we again drove to and from Midland to Snyder for the funeral. I don't want to go into details yet... We had a small family dinner then came home. Dad took me on a Harley ride as all the cares seemed to blow away in the wind. Friday morning we awoke so early we saw the sunrise as we headed to Abilene for the burial. We were about wiped out as we arrived back in town!

Today was nice as I just adjusted back into life. The business will all come later. Since my mother is deceased I do step into her shoes a bit for part of it all. Dad and Brenda put me to work doing some gardening. It was a lot of fun actually! Then we got some amazing cupcakes and headed to a dessert comedy theatre at a nearby church. They got my mind of off things and it was wonderful!

It's time to get back and get into a routine. For now I'll just say it's been a tough week, but I take comfort in knowing she wanted more than anything to go to Heaven. We spoke three times last weekend on the phone and that warms my heart. I did tell her she needed to live to be 119 like the oldest woman alive. Her response? "I just pray to God He takes my body before my mind!" By gosh... her prayers were answered.

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