Sunday, April 24, 2011

Big Hats and Frilly Dresses

Baskets of Easter candy and little girls dressed in frilly dresses and big hats frolic through my mind at this time. My Easter is quite different than many I see floating through my Facebook feed, but that's just fine!

I'll start out with a big birthday weekend for two of my very good friends. They usually have their birthdays together, but decided to do it separate this year so I smashed it all into one night! Nick went out of town for a golf tournament so I had the gals all to myself! First I went to Desperados to celebrate Andrea's 29th birthday. It was so good to see everyone and just catch up. We had a blast just hanging out and laughing. Then I went to Anna's 28th birthday party at her house. It was more of a dance party as most of her friends are old Tech cheerleaders and they love to dance! I just hung out and mingled with some of our sorority sisters. Her little sister was in town from Tech so we talked about college life and I tried to give her my "expert" guidance! All in all it was such a nice night filled with amazing friends!

Two of my favorite people in the world, Kacie & Andrea

The gals: Amy, Kerri, Raelyn, Jana, Tabby, Andrea, Me, Kacie

Today on Easter we got up for the 8 AM service to meet Nick's family and his grandmother from Brenham. I did put on my pretty new dress... hey, that tradition never stops! Nick's roommates came over to his parents along with another friend of ours, Ashton. I sat talking to Granny forever as usual. They make fun of me for loving the company of older folks and hearing their stories. I just love it so much. I love to hear about her grandparents and where they are from... about her great grandparents giving the Indians peace offerings to allow them to pass through the land... just neat old stories. I told her she needs to stay around because she is Nick and I's only grandparent left. She is 80... She told me the same thing Grandmommy always said - as long as her body leaves before her mind!!! We talked about my Dad dating after Mom passed and about how hard it is to return to the home when that person is no longer there and to move on with life. It has only been two years since her husband passed, but she says the hardest part is when everyone left and she went to make a huge pot of coffee. She then realized it was only for her. I told her I always say those first few days are the best surrounded by people and love... then you realize your new reality. I explained how blessed Dad and Brenda are to have found one another because the dating world is awful hard. I have found myself the past few weeks wanting to call Grandmommy many times to tell her about certain things out of excitement... It's just plain hard at times. Anyway... my point is that I love older people who can share life with us young uns. They have been through so much and it's so interesting to hear their stories!

We ate a huge feast then all took the dogs for a walk. It is Nick's dog's 7th birthday so he got showered with love and presents! We all sat around and just talked and laughed for a bit after that. It is now storming outside gently against the window. I love that sound! We need rain badly throughout Texas. I remember being in news covering wildfires in Abilene and being covered in char... this is ten times worse these days.

In other news... this Friday marks Nick and I's three year anniversary. WOW. How time flies. We are going to celebrate with a nice dinner out and just enjoying life as next weekend is his birthday and he gets to take the boat out for the first time this year!

The true meaning of Easter... To ever fully understand what Jesus has done for us. Dying on the cross... Dresses and eggs may be the fun part of this day, but the nitty gritty is Jesus was hammered with nails as they hung him like a piece of laundry on a large wooden cross. His suffering through the wounds on his back, on his head and throughout his body through that horrid day lead to the awakening of the world when he busted through the tomb in all of his shining glory. All he has done for us leads me to sit here on this day enjoying it with family and friends and big hats and frilly dresses.

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