Thursday, September 8, 2011

9-11 Memorial Slideshow

I made this 9-11 Memorial slideshow with photos of my favorite kids and footage from the tragedy... Each child symbolizes our world today ten years later as the world they are growing up in is a very different world. They symbolize our innocence and our future in America.


mj said...

This is beautiful and so heart felt. Thank you for featuring my baby girl in the video.

kacie said...

I'm balling crying right now!!! That was so beautiful Julie! You are so talented! XOXOXO

Shyloh said...

This is such an amazing video! I will never forget that incredibly sad day! Thank you for the tribute and for using my kiddo's in your video!

jann krone said...


What an incredible heartfelt video. Fabulous job. Miss seeing you!

Sheryl J McCurtain said...

Julie, that was beautiful.

Sheryl J McCurtain said...

Julie, this is beautiful.