Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Magic fills the air as the holidays approach. Everyone and everything seems to dance. Atleast through my eyes. They say we are often sad at Christmas as well. I think for me it's always trying to capture the essence of Christmas through the eyes of a child. The magic never fades, but it is quite different.

We had such a nice time on Thanksgiving. Brenda's family is so nice and inviting to us. We really ate, talked, watched football, opened gifts and hung out literally all day. It was just so nice and relaxing. Nick came with me for the first time and I think he had a nice time getting to know everyone. Ed and Cora, Brenda's aunt and uncle host it each year. They have been married like 60 years. They are very funny and just really enjoyable. Growing up my Thanksgiving meals were usually Dad, Mom, me, my Dad's mom and Mom's mom... it was quite small, but we always had a nice time. I do love being a part of Brenda's big family and just having a room full of laughter.

Katelyn is Brenda's brother's 13 year old. She is in teenager mode of texting the entire day and night. She is very involved in cheer, volleyball, swimming and basketball.

Seva is Brenda's youngest brother's ten year old. She rocks my world. She loved to tell me all about the books she is reading and about her friends at school. She is going to be tall, we think, so we were all playing basketball outside and I taught her a bit of form! She is much more into dancing than basketball right now, but it felt neat to coach the girls!

From left: Brenda's cousin, Eufaula's kids: Morgan, Van & Rebecca; Cameron (Brenda's cousin), Brenda's brother, Jay and his wife, Stephanie; Brenda's brother, Jimmy in back of her; Brenda, Dad (Joe Mark), Nick, Me, Katelyn, Brenda's nephew, JW; Brenda's Aunt Cora and Uncle Ed; Cora & Ed's son, Joel and his wife, Jennifer and son Jordan; Cora & Ed's daughter, Linda and her husband, Mel; Seva.

Saturday when we got back Nick got us amazing seats at the Tech game vs. Baylor so we went with his parents, Geoff, Tony & Blake. Our seats were five rows from the 50 yard line, but the drawback was they were right in the middle of Baylor fans. There is a boy from my high school, Matt Ritchey who I have known since he was born who plays for Baylor. I got to see some Big Springers there to root him on. I wanted to find one of my best friends, Tiffany and her entire family so I set out on the journey. I got lost a few times. I ran into Melissa Perley Land, a sorority sister and her hubby so we got to catch up. Then I finally made it to Tiffany. It was so wonderful to see her entire family and just hang out for a bit. It's like another family to me. We didn't win the game, but it was a really fun night!

Tiffany's daughter, Hailey is just spunky and full of fun. I loved her!

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