Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cohen's Shower & Nick's Birthday

We had such an eventful, nice weekend surrounded by the sunshine. First, I attended Sarah Cohen's bridal shower. I mainly hung out with my good friend, Stephanie (we have all three been friends since we were freshman sorority sisters)... I made Sarah & Richard a slideshow of their seven years together!!! It was sweet... Such a great time with my amazing lifelong gals!!!

 Stephi, Cohen, Julie

Nick the Great turned 28... He had a wonderful birthday week... We celebrate with is parents at Terrillis and another night with his parents for a home-cooked meal. We had a big dinner and went out for all of our friends. We had such a great night. We all went to Victor Tangos for dinner! There were about 22 of us!!! Then we headed over to Barley House. Little did we know it was an SMU hangout so we felt really old, but we just sat together and all hung out. We love time with amazing friends!!!

 Andrea & Julie

 Colby - Life of the Party

 Kaylee - Too Cute

Alicia & Blake

Mitchell & Alicia

 Glenn & Andrea

 Max, Anna, Jules

 Julie, Nick, Jenna

Geoff & Mary

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