Friday, June 1, 2012

Family Visit

There was this feeling in childhood I couldn't find. I remember getting so excited to be cooking out or hanging with our family friends. I thought this feeling was forever lost because it was childhood. I found it and realized it wasn't childhood. It was about cooking out and being with people you love in warm weather. Maybe it was about sunshine. I am unsure, all I know is I found it. The past weekend Dad, Brenda, Steven, Ashley and the girls came all together in Dallas. Saturday night we went to dinner at Saltgrass then headed to Nick's parents neighborhood because they were having a big block party. We had such a blast. My nieces are 3 and almost 6... they went to the bounce house and we hung out on the street. Nick and I hung out with Dad while everyone swam and just enjoyed a nice chat. I learned my dad once snuck on a golf course at a really nice country club and my mother sometimes drank peach schnapps! What?!!! They are human?! Ha... funny, that our heroes don't ever seem human. I never thought my mother ever had a drink as I knew she hated alcohol and I don't really like it either! I also thought Dad was this “perfect” ethical good ole boy even though he loved motorcycles and once had longer hair! My parents are one reason I'm pretty good and try to make good decisions, they always lead me with good examples and my Dad still does to this day. I'm not half the person he is, but I try! I just love it so much that they did crazy things, too!!! So much I need to know in life. So much we should always ask.

Sunday we went to the Dallas Aquarium in the morning. It was really neat!!! My favorite was the manatee. He is so huge! There were so many neat animals. Then that afternoon we left the men at the hotel and went shopping... what women do best! After this we all headed to my house to cook. I pulled out a big basket of my old toys for the girls. They loved it!!! I gave them a bag of my Barbies and other little toys to take home. It was hard to part with some of them... but, somehow the basket is still full!!!! Always a kid at heart. Later we watched the girls, Brenda and Dad swim while Ashley, Steven and Nick watched the basketball game. I was sad when they left the next morning!!! Dad has been sick with pneumonia and another infection so I was upset for him. I wanted to make him better, still don't know how. He isn't old so I don't like when he gets ill!

We had such a lovely time all together. I know people don't understand my love of family. Maybe they don't get I am an only child so family means even more. They also forget my family doesn't live right here by me so maybe I just can't get tired of them. Also, hey, I lost my mother too young and I know life counts every day.

My nieces, Rylie and Saige are growing like weeds. My stepbrother and I met before he and Ashley were married so those gals are like blood to me. Those little girls are precious and I hope one day I can be as good of parents as Steven and Ashley! Nick fell in love with them, too. He is so funny with kids, he is so good. They make me a little nervous at times because I don't know all of the rules! The girls are old enough now, but when they are younger I'm just not sure what you can and cannot do or what you can't feed them, etc!!! Ah, but at the heart of it I'm pretty good with kids. Maybe not babies... but kids!

In this photo she decided Barbie & Ken looked like Nick and I...

Rylie stole my shoes and actually wore them to the neighborhood party!

Overall that feeling of happiness and sunshine just overwhelmed me with a smile. I get it when we hang out with friends and just enjoy one another. Sometimes I forget it, but it is there. I wish we could just bottle it up!