Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's Your Glue?

Sometimes a reporter can ask a question and you are thrown off. I was usually on the side asking the questions and often I'd even tell them what I was about to ask. So as I sat with my old reporting buddies at the wedding, Shavonne leaned over to Nick and I and said, “So, why aren't you married yet?” Oh, please stop asking me that question! Next summer... let's just say next summer because that's when I'm jotting it in right now mentally. Then she asked what I want everyone to answer for themselves, “How have you kept it together for four years... I can only get past a year.” Nick and I laughed and looked at one another. We had never been asked that question. I explained how you can say unconditional love, but that is just the beginning of it, what makes it unconditional? Why, is the question? I explained, “We have been through so much. Three grandmothers of mine passed, two grandfathers of his, a best friend of mine, he didn't have a job, then I didn't have a job, we just weathered through it.” Nick added his own personal answer to it as well, adding how we just tried to hang on through it all, even when it got really bad, even when we were terrors to be around. I am not God and cannot see into the future, but I believe if you never face strife together, you just might not make it. Life isn't all rainbows. What is the glue that holds you together? It's an interesting question beyond just saying unconditional love. I asked myself why we didn't just say God, but it all ties together. God is in it all. 
 Let's rewind here.
We were in Tyler for my dear friend, Mike's wedding to Norma. Mike and I began as friends reporting in Abilene then I got him a job in Tyler with me. A bunch of our old reporting friends came to the wedding. Mini-reunion!!! I missed it telling old stories and catching up. No, I don't forget that I enjoy money now and a social life though. Heck, I still had the most fun in Abilene, Texas as a little reporter. Mike & Norma's wedding was different to say the least. It had Peruvian, Mexican and American throughout the ceremony. They did so many neat traditions. It was all in Spanish so I was feeling a bit lost! The reception was just about the same. I must say it was a blast!!! So much fun Spanish music and we did these exciting traditional dances. I was laughing and dancing. I had no idea how! I got to dance with Mike and he showed me a little. We laughed so much at Mike as a groom. When we got to the wedding he was showing us our seat. I told him to go away, he is the groom! That is just Mike, one of the kindest, most wonderful men in the world. He is just a good guy. Norma is a great gal, so they belong together. During the reception I had made the slideshow, well, they shut the entire thing down and everyone sat to watch it!!!! Mike had me put his radio clips, TV clips, so much Spanish music, KU music from Kansas... it was a production I worked very hard on!!! What a wonderful night full of culture.
So... think about your glue.
 Shavonne - Mike - Tawnya - Mini Abilene Reporter Reunion


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