Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rollercoaster Of The Happy Medium

I'm not sure if I like winning. There's so much stress involved then this release of energy, and it never lasts forever because there's always another game. Let's just lose and feel down so we don't get disappointed. Ha... I truly believe we think like this at times. Needless to say, Texas Tech pulled off an amazing game against TCU last weekend. I was more interested in socializing as usual. My sorority sister, Paige had a gathering before the game since she lives in Ft. Worth so a few of us went over there and had a really nice time. It was good to chit chat and just catch up on life.

Nick and I had two sets of tickets so we split our group up when we got to the game. Oh yeah, did I mention almost every woman believes it is Fall so we will wear our Fall attire even when it is very hot. So Jana, Jason, Stephanie, Jody, Karen, Nick and I all went to our first set of seats and Mitchell and Alicia went to the others. We were having fun, but it was really loud where we were under some speakers. So Damon and Melissa were texting me they were in town... I decided to make my way to the other set of seats to chit chat with Missy. It took me forever to climb the ramps, but I got up there! I sat by Alicia, too... I got to catch up on after the wedding talk and just all about their lives. Damon just got the Chief Meteorologist position in Oklahoma City – that's pretty awesome!!! It's hard to be in weather, believe me, I played around in college with it, and you really have to know your stuff! 

Jana, Stephanie, Julie

Damon, Melissa, Julie
So by about three minutes to the end, we are intently watching the game. It went into three overtimes! Then... suddenly... we won!!! Very exciting!!! After a long trek back to get the troops together, Nick and I went to eat and home... long, great day!

Sunday I kicked off my Christmas shopping! I picked up a few things at a craft show in Lake Highlands. I have a lot of people to buy for so I get started now!!! Then Wendy made me watch the Texans game with her. We had a lot of fun. And, I forgot, Friday Nick and I went to a cookout over at Cody and Kristy's. My gosh, we sure love people!!! We had fun at everything we did. I love to sit in a backyard and hang out. 

I say life is a rollercoaster. First off, the entertaining rollercoaster. So, Big Tex burned down Friday. It's sort of funny, sort of not! Some people freaked out their childhood memories went up in flames. But, he was not a real person so ya know... But, it was a pretty big deal around here!!! I was just like, man oh man, 60 years flaming. It's definitely a part of history. Bye, Big Tex.

Well, after all of the good times, I find out a patriarch of Big Spring has passed, Russ McEwen. I was not close to him, but he is like Stephanie's other dad from 12 years in gymnastics so I am very protective of her. I found out via Facebook... ugh... so I quickly texted her just praying she already knew. Yep, her mother had called her, he had a heart attack. I realize I know a lot of people and I know people pass. But, it hits me hard. I've lost everyone close to me quickly. It brings it to the surface for me. Russ touched so many lives in gymnastics, then he was Big Spring's mayor for a long time... you just have no idea the lives you are touching and what you are doing for them along the way. Sometimes we don't realize people are learning from us or watching us, but they are.

Back to the beginning. Winning is scary because you cannot win every time. It's also amazing because it does not happen every time. Being happy scares me because being sad scares me. Think I'll just live in the happy medium!

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