Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

I love Halloween. I love the air and the little kids running amuck and getting dressed in fun outfits. We didn't really have a huge Halloween planned... We had a backyard bbq with about 20 guests last weekend, but we didn't dress up. It was so fun. Last night we just went to Nick's parents and gave out candy. Nick lives in a nice little Plano neighborhood, but it seems the church fairs eat our little children so we never give out much each year. The problem with Halloween is the day after is November. Never been my favorite month. Don't know why. It's cold and just boring and all we want is Christmas to hurry up!

The news lately has been all about this hurricane called Sandy. She hit New York pretty hard. Anyway, little hurricanes have been brewing around here. My cousin, Donna, who is like another mother to me had hip surgery this week. She fell at a football game. Then my niece, Aaliyah who is only 11, had pins put in both her hips for an emergency hip surgery. My gosh! Not fun for a little girl! I sent her a little present maybe to liven her spirits. Big prayers for them.

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