Tuesday, April 30, 2013

End of April Showers Bring May Flowers

I guess the world has calmed down since last week's horrific national events. I'm always in a state of tornadic confusion so my world just putts right along. We held Nick's 29th birthday party Saturday with friends at Bandito's. We had a crowd of about 15. It was a lot of fun! It was great to just sit around and enjoy friends.

Our ringbearer, Colby is too cute.
3 of the groomsmen Erichson, Matty, Geoffy
Tony & Heather
Cool Sunglasses

 Monday was our 5th anniversary so I sent Nick cookies to work. Then he cooked for me and we went to the park to walk around. After we got back we took a short bike ride. It was a lot of fun! We have been working hard on his house for when I move in come July. Trying to put the womanly touch on it as we go. He has a good eye for decor, he has bought a lot of new furniture for us. It's a pretty big house so filling it up will take some time. This is our slideshow I made, it's in low definition and will look better at the wedding, but here is the rough draft! Wedding Slideshow

Sunday my planner and I worked on crafts for the Big Spring shower. We have four showers so we need to figure out gifts for hostesses! The first one is a Couples Shower this weekend, my parents are flying in! Then the Big Spring one, then one given by five of my bridesmaids in Dallas. Sara and I made homemade sugar scrubs, oh man, they are delicious on the skin. I wanted to keep them! Slowly, but surely, we will make it to this wedding! Just took the dress to be altered today!


The Q. Family said...

Very exciting Julie! The homemade sugar scrubs sound divine! Looking forward to seeing more photos and reading about each experience as you continue to make lovely memories.

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