Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bachelorette Weekend

I never really thought of a bachelorette party. I don't like loud bars or dancing at clubs. I enjoy just being around my friends laughing and talking. I got just this for my party. Five of my bridesmaids: Stephanie, Chandra, Jana, Andrea, Tiffany and three of my very best friends Sarah, Kacie and Emily all got together for a weekend in Fredericksburg. Steph, Sarah and I made the five hour venture together and finally got there after being lost for a bit. Everyone was waiting for us! They were all dancing in front of the adorable house we rented for the weekend. They began snapping photos like we were paparazzi. Insanity! We made a fire in the firepit outside and sat around just talking. When you bring this many women together, I worry about who doesn't know someone else and who will I have to babysit? No one! They all mingled and talked like no tomorrow. You have to realize, it hit me, I have known all of these women for over ten years. With just my eight bridesmaids, I have known all of them that long except Wendy, whom I have known for about 8 years! So you have this special connection that only time can bring you. Most of the girls there have kids so it's hard to get them away from their family. I hadn't gone on a weekend vacation with Chandra since college to South Padre! It's funny how the conversations have changed. Now people talk about their dogs, their kids, their significant others... back in college it was more the boyfriend of the moment. We finally fell in bed about 1 AM... Chandra and I got the big fancy room. We fell asleep talking somehow. Just like we did as kids.

Saturday morning we got up and made breakfast getting ready for the wine tour. Andrea and Kacie are with child so they decided to just go shopping. We piled in the bus and off we went! At each place they give you four to six wine tastings. You can then walk around and just look at everything. We had so much fun! I am not a big drinker so guzzling wine isn't that great, so I would cheat a few times and pour some of it out. I found a few I really loved. At one of the places we brought lunch and all ate on a patio. By the last winery we were pretty worn out. It was such a fun adventure for all of us. We met the other girls in town and shopped a bit then went home to take a nap. After we napped up, we went back into town for dinner. After dinner, we got Smores and made them in the oven! Everyone sat around and just shared stories. That was beyond special to me. Just to talk. Gosh, we laughed so much. 

Jana, Sarah, Stephanie, Emily, Chandra, Tiffany, Andrea, Kacie


Chandra and Emily

Steph, Emily, Tiffy, Chandra



Kacie, Andrea

Andrea, Kacie, Jana, Sarah


Stuffed in Kacie's minivan

Chandra, Jana


I must say, my friends are some special women. There were a few that could not attend and of course, they are very special, too. Each is just so kind and just salt of the earth. As I hugged them all goodbye, a tear came to my eye. How am I so lucky? God must like me.

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