Monday, August 12, 2013

Wedding Part I - Rehearsal Dinner

As time passes we grasp on to relive our amazing wedding weekend. Here we start with the Rehearsal Dinner. I was so excited already getting to be with everyone. We made our way to the church for rehearsal quickly hugging everyone that we had not yet seen. After the rehearsal we made our way to Maggianos Italian Restaurant. Instead of just sitting in one area, I chose to socialize around the room making sure everyone was happy. Nick was just excited about the huge amount of food! They served it family style so everyone got a bit of everything. I felt an enormous amount of love in the room.

I made a special slideshow complete with all of our friends so we turned it on... Some weren't too excited about their video clippings! I thought Jana might kill me! Nick's dad made a toast and then he and I stood up to say a few words. He did most of the talking because I get a bit nervous for some reason. It was getting late so we all started to wind down for the night. I could have stayed up all night hanging out with my loved ones, but we decided we should sleep before the wedding!

So Chandra and I went to my bridal suite. We stayed up talking until we couldn't hold our eyes open anymore. We were excited, yet serene. We fell asleep awaiting the excitement and blessings of the morrow.

Julie, Nick, Wendy



Nick and his BFF, Tony

Julie, Andrea, Jana, Stephanie


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