Sunday, August 25, 2013

Adams Gray Wedding

Nick and I have been married for a little over a month now. Sitting down to rehash the day was just so important, yet so personal. I don't know if I feel married yet as I feel the same. There is just a simple peacefulness about it, but I'm still me. The day of our wedding Chandra, my Maid of Honor and I woke up early to work out at the hotel gym. We knew the day would be long and amazing. I knew I would see random family and friends in the halls of the Westin Park Central Hotel so I roamed around the eighth floor and talked to people as I saw them. Wendy brought us a catered brunch and the girls started to flow in as we got ready. We laughed a lot, listened to music and just talked as people came in and out of the suite. Wendy decided to do everyone's make-up and Brianne, my hairdresser, came to do everyone's hair. Everyone kept asking what I was on because I was so calm. I am never calm. The funny thing some people don't get is I'm calm in weird situations. I had worked so hard and been so stressed that there was nothing else to worry about! I was just ready and here it was!

The photographers started to flow in and I was beautified as much as you could Barbie me up! Chandra, Layna and Stephanie helped me into my dress which was just so funny. I was worried my Dad would cry when he saw me, but he was very calm and collected. We took pictures on one side of the hotel while the guys were on the other side. I didn't have any weird Come to Jesus talks or deep talks as some see in  movies, it was all just normal! I also didn't fret about my Mom being gone at all. I was a little worried people would talk about it all day, but they didn't. Brenda was my mother in all senses that day, of course. I had wrestled about the unity candle in my mind wondering if I was dishonoring my mother, but Brenda is my mother, too, not by birth, but she is. So, I wanted her to do anything and everything. I don't recall the ride to the church that much. I rode in Tiffany's SUV and they all stuffed me in there. We all sat in a little room inside the church before it all started. We reapplied make up and just enjoyed life. Lots of laughter.

As my Dad and I approached the doors, everything was quiet. I think I was a bit nervous, but overall I was just calm. We walked up the aisle and I was smiling looking at Nick. My Dad and Nick shook hands and Dad said, "This is where I depart" and kissed my cheek. This was not where he departed in my heart, he is always Dad and he is always right there! The sermon was amazing, I cannot say enough about Father Alfonse marrying us. It was all so very perfect. My hands were sweaty, I remember that, and Nick had a few tears in his eyes. Everything in the ceremony was perfect. That's all I can really say about it. God was there. It was beautiful.

The reception was wild, fun and amazing. Nick did more of the entertaining and I talked to each guest. I wanted everyone to feel loved and for them to understand what it meant to me to have them there. I didn't get to eat. I got a plate, but sat it down in the cigar room talking to old family friends, and somehow, I got pulled away! They would pull me away to dance a lot, but I don't really care for dancing so it was just sort of like shrugging my shoulders to go do it! It felt like the night ended way too quickly. We ran through rose petals on the way out. I have a million details I could tell, but it would take me more than a blog. The people, the friends, the family... it made everything perfect. Each person there meant the world to us. We are so very blessed. Words seem so imperfect to explain everything on our wedding day. It was the best day of my life. Not only did I marry my soulmate, but I was surrounded by my family and my very best friends, and so was Nick, what more can we ask?

Some of my favorite photos:

Nick sent me a voice recording - SWEET.

Andrea Mayard                                    Chandra McBee Brooks
Stephanie Stewart Piercefield
Stephanie Brown Tettleton
Jana Seibold
D'Layna Smith
Tiffany Nolder Williams
Wendy Walker
We used Mom's, Granny Jac's & Grandaddy Bill's old Bibles

The Gray Family
Erichson, Matt, Ashton, Tony, Nick, Geoff, Justin, Tony, Brandon
Colby McDaniel

Nieces Saige & Rylie; Colby

Julie's Family

Adams & Hester Family

Texas Tech Alumni Cheerleaders Fight Song

KD! Sarah, Heather, Melissa, Tiffany, Keilly, Anna, Jana, Cristin, Stephanie

Very special family friends: Ron, Marisue, Suzanne, Tami, Ty & Joy

Chandra, Casie, Heddy, Julie, Emily - Go Big Spring Steers!

Shyloh, Kerry, Julie, Andrea, Kacie, Jana

Jessica Cobos

My shoes with their lucky penny

KD Ladies, Jessica & Paige

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