Sunday, September 1, 2013

Honeymoon - Exuma, Bahamas

Our honeymoon was in Exuma, Bahamas at a Sandals Resort. Paradise right here, I tell ya! We arrived so tired from the 5 AM flight. I decided to take a nap right when we got there so I'd be able to have fun! The suite was beautiful with the most gorgeous view. Everything was just perfect. The first night was a bit windy so we ate a late lunch then went to the beach. You could eat different places at the resort, so the first day we ate at the Barefoot Beach place... we learned quickly the portions are very small. This lead to Nick having two dinners each night!

The first morning it was raining. We did the morning yoga which was quite funny, not like everyday yoga. Then we decided to take a kayak in the rain. Maybe that was not too smart. We did not even put on bathing suits as the clouds threatened rain all day. We walked around the resort and just entertained ourselves as much as possible in the rain. We ate at the French restaurant and Nick chose the lamb, I had escargot and fish. Nick wanted to try the duck, but we never went back to that actual place. We bounced around every night to different restaurants. That night we went to a chocolate buffet! The dancers pulled me up to dance and I'm sure I scared them with my dancing. It was so much fun to just hear them dance and sing. We went to the piano bar after that for some live music.

Games in the rain
French Restaurant


Chocolate Buffet
The sun finally invited us to play so we took full advantage. We enjoyed the pool and took a catamaran out in the ocean ourselves. It was too windy to do the aqua bikes. You could make any drink in the world and there was food throughout the day. Nick ate and ate some more. One night it rained so hard we couldn't see. Good thing we were back to the room at that point. It was so funny. The power kept going out so we were trying to watch a DVD, but we kept having to restart it. Each morning I would feed the resort cats. They love fish from the breakfast buffet. They have the life just hanging out while people pet them all day! We finally had the chance to go to the golf course. Nick decided not to play as it was extremely difficult with all the angles of the ocean. We walked the course and took photos of the views though. It was perfect. Nick went to the driving range a few times though.

The moon was beautiful! This was my favorite place by the fire pits!

 We went in golf carts to this other area on the island to meet other honeymooners. We met a few other couples and played games. We had a really great time. The best part was meeting our new friends, Alex and Richard. They are from Canada and just so funny. I asked a million questions about Canada, of course! Richard and Nick were just as crazy as one another so they would do insane things while Alex and I rolled our eyes! One night Richard wanted to crash this wedding so he was all about it, but we talked him out of it. He was just a ball of fun. He and Nick had a blast.

We truly enjoyed kayaking and going in the catamaran on adventures. One day the kayak flipped and Nick got water stuck in his ear. For the rest of the trip he was miserable jumping up and down trying to get the water out! This is him being sad...

We got a couples massage which was such a highlight! We enjoyed an hour long pampering! There was a girl there getting married in a few minutes so we got to talk to her for a bit.

Our view from the room

The last night was a beach party. We met our new friends from Canada and hit the party. There was amazing food and the best dancing! We got to see a history of Jamaica and participated in a dance. A limbo man with fire carried me under the pole! After the party we made our way down the beach to this wedding. The four of us sat under this little hut as the rain hit. We were safe and dry, but the wedding people ran to take cover.

We did not buy this pig. He was cute though!

I think by this time as I have on my hat and sunglasses I was done with the sun! We spent most of our time in this hot tub because knowing me the pool was always too cold! The hot tub was huge! We would get a drink and hang out at the bar with the cool bartenders then chill in here. They made up this drink called a Hummingbird, frozen yummy is what I call it! They don't put much alcohol which is great for me, but that was our drink of choice.

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Nick wasn't too sure about our little propeller plane. This took us into Florida. I didn't like that it was so small as I hate flying anyway! There were about 30 people on board and I just tried to sleep most of the way.

We weren't ready to get back to real life! I sit and think of enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze of the Bahamas! Everyone was so kind and just amazing at Sandals. The food was superb and everything was just perfect. We had a wonderful time! The real world was waiting for us to begin our journey as husband and wife at home! Here we roll.... 

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