Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Festivities

Each new season seems to excite me as I grow weary of the old season. Fall is surrounding us with beautiful scenery and crisp air. This weekend we ushered in Fall with a lot of happenings. We aren't usually ever just sitting at home anyway, but this one was "on the go."

Friday was Cody Shane's wedding. My best guy friend, my brother. He and Kristy got married in downtown Dallas so we went Friday night. Many of our Big Spring friends were there as well as the entire Rubio clan, my second family. The wedding was nice and modern. Kristy was radiant. I spent a lot of time leaving Nick to talk to our friends Sean and Karen while I walked around talking to old friends and the Rubio family.

Mr. & Mrs. Cody Rubio

Lifelong Friends Hamilton, Lauren & Blair
Santa Karen? 
 My parents were coming in town Saturday on their way to vacation so Nick and I began preparations for their visit. It rained all day, but that didn't stop us from getting out the grill! Nick's parents and my parents all came over for a feast! My parents had not yet seen our house. They loved it!!! At dinner we all just sat there talking. I was just simply at peace surrounded by my loved ones. The parents have left Chewy puppy dog with us all week. The cat is not thrilled.

Sunday morning Nick cooked us breakfast and Dad and Brenda left. I had Andrea's shower for Baby Kayla later that day so it was off to get ready for that! So good to see everyone at the shower. We had such a great time celebrating the upcoming baby girl!

Summer, Chaney, Stephanie, Andrea, Kathryn, Julie, Kerry, Kacie, Shyloh, Raelyn, Jana
Then it was time to take Chewy for a walk and go to sleep. What a wonderful weekend!

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