Saturday, December 7, 2013

Icemaggedon 2013

People have called the ice storm in Dallas Icemaggedon and Iceapocalypse... I agree. It's icy. We are used to a bit of snow, but ice is just strange. Work was shut down as well as pretty much the entire land of Dallas. Nick and I tried to chill out Friday eating what we had left... we waited to go to the grocery store because our new refrigerator was to come on Friday... still no fridge today... anyway, so we ate as many scraps as we could throw together. We took walks and watched kids playing hockey and played on the ice sheets in the street. In the middle of the night as the storm hit we got a small leak. Not much we could do at 4 am... then I was still hell bent on going to work. I went out to my car to try to de-ice it... I hear Nick yelling, but I cannot see out the window. I open the door and there is a huge tree limb in the yard. It must have fallen right after I walked under it to get in my car? Needless to say, I did not go to work. Our neighbors had it much worse when it comes to trees. It amazed me how the ice just pulled them down. It broke our Christmas lights along the walkway. That's mean.

Every party we had this weekend was canceled. The television became our best friend. It sounds sort of weird, doesn't it? Truthfully it makes me smile because when you seriously cannot drive and cannot really go anywhere everyone is forced to be together. Families are forced to hang out and enjoy one another. We ventured to Wal Mart today skidding a bit on the way. Atleast we have food! Then we went sledding over at Sean & Karen's! We had a blast! I have never done that in my life! As it got dark we made our way back to our little refuge because the ice was already getting very bad. Did I mention it was 80 degrees this week? Yes, Texas!

Last night I stood in the doorway for just a minute and stared into the backyard. It was quiet. The kind of quiet you can only understand in ice and snow. I have felt this way sometimes sitting in the mountains when I am skiing. It's just peaceful, like there is nothing out there. It was just pure beauty. Ice can be so scary and can stop our worlds in our little track of life. Everything is stopped. Everything is canceled. It's just us because it's a God thing. Perfection.

Our fallen tree

Neighbor's Tree


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