Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I kept seeing all of these reflections on 2013 and I kept myself from writing mine out. Maybe for fear 2014 wouldn't be as great. There have been some years I just wanted to throw away in the locked cellar! But, 2013 was a wonderful year. Things change so much in a year. You make new friends, love on your old friends and you have new adventures. The world is always spinning. I try not to sit and dwell on anything whether good or bad so I don't sit to write it all out. I know in my heart these things. Time scares me. Change scares me. I thought maybe freezing time would help, but we would be stuck in the same pattern. Life might be great frozen in one happy time of our lives, but what about the journey itself?

We rang in the new year with friends watching football and playing games. There were four couples: Sean and Karen, Jason and Angela, Cody and Kristy. We really had a wonderful time! We laugh so hard that our abs hurt every time we are all together. I've been friends with Cody since I was born. How blessed am I to love his wife, too, and then love the friends we met through him? The first day of January was just chill. We slept late, cleaned house, Nick made a fire, we took a nap, ate at his parents house and then I took a long walk around their neighborhood. Simple, but great.

I realize I didn't even write a blog about Christmas. I'm getting down on my blog! My parents came in the day before Christmas Eve. They got to stay with us and just hang out with us. I always enjoy every second with them. Christmas Eve we went to the Gray household and hung out with the huge Bennett family. This overwhelms me, but in a good way, as there are so many of them! We came back here to open presents with my family. On Christmas Day we headed over to the Grays while my folks went on up to Oklahoma. We just enjoyed the day and hung out with Nick's Granny. Thursday we headed up to Oklahoma to my stepbrother's house. It was relaxing and a great time. My nieces are so much fun and even made Nick play princess Barbies! Steven took us to his high school basketball practice! Nick got in there and actually played with them! I shot around and just hung out. It was such a blast to play a little ball. Steven is a great coach, too! I would love to be a coach one day. It's changing the lives of those kids. I had a horrendous basketball coach who basically planted in my head I was never good enough to be some star. Fine to tell the truth, but not to treat your players in such a bad way. Sad that it still bothers me so many years down the road. Kids listen to how you mold them, how you treat them. We were sad to leave, but had to get back to the real world!

The real world is here and we are just excited for 2014. You just never know what tomorrow holds. I know we are sure blessed. You can sit around and think about things you wish you had or how some things could be different... or you can just pick out your blessings. 2013 rained blessings over us with love and laughter. We pray 2014 will do the same.

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