Monday, March 10, 2014

ABC's Resurrection: Embrace Impossibilities


My thoughts come pouring out as I watch some television shows and movies. Sometimes they just tug at you waiting for you to discuss them. Last night I reluctantly watched "Resurrection." No, it isn't an Easter movie about Jesus, in fact, most Christians don't even like the thought of this show on ABC because it mentions no Heaven or Hell. Basically in a nutshell people start returning from the dead only to show up on the doorstep after a year or even 32 years. Life has gone on without them, but they are still the same age. They don't know they died. They don't know where they have been. Everything is insane and to them it doesn't make sense. I found some very interesting insights to it.

For one, everything I read about it isn't about WHY they came back or WHERE they have been, but how they would live in today's world. Some people don't even ask why or where. They just embrace them. People keep asking the question of what it would be like to have that one last conversation with their loved one. Or what they haven't said. Maybe you should just say it now instead of having that regret later...

Anyway, thinking of our loved ones coming back is a fantasy to us. That's why I didn't want to watch it. Forever I have wanted to write a short story about a day or even a few days with a passed on loved one. I have never written it because I don't know how to end it. Be jealous of a character I created they get the experience and me as the author does not? I decided to watch it because it's heartwarming.

In real life if a loved one showed up at our doorstep... what... I don't even know. Right now I don't want to even sit and study the true reality. I mean, you are introducing them into today's world, many you have to catch up on all of the crazy events in the world since they left, you can't even begin to talk money and savings accounts and what is going to happen when they die again... I'm not a writer on this show so I don't have to think of these things. My thoughts are just more on the surface level. Do you embrace it or do you run from it because you are scared to death? Of course, it is never going to happen, but it's interesting to think of your conversations. I'd love to talk to them. In my dreams many times we do. Sometimes it's bad because everyone knows in my dreams Sarah has faked her death and was never gone, and Mom is wild and ran away, dying again or back from the dead as a different personality. My dreams don't make any sense. And I don't dream of the grandmothers or others in the same sense. Sometimes they are there to hang out, but nothing out of the ordinary. I do remember in one dream just talking to Sarah catching her up on everything. I do remember another dream hugging Mom for a long time. To have someone like that come back and show up on your doorstep, where do you even begin? The world spins and changes so you might not even know how to begin. Their world was different.

As you can tell I cannot begin to wrap my mind around it. The people on the show, some of them just act as if nothing happened. They might be older now and suddenly the young son is back, no questions asked, let's make him a sandwich. Others question their faith. Others are so stuck in the whys and hows they cannot function and hide from the people. Others grab their face and cry in an embrace.

I like to wonder about it. I enjoy watching things that make me think at times instead of watching single men date 26 women. It's all about entertainment, but watching shows that make you feel and ponder are good for the psyche.

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