Monday, April 28, 2014


This blog will need a bit of rewinding of 2014. Our life is in a bit of a tornadic whirlwind so really our main thing is all about transitioning into a new chapter. Nick's job is moving us to Las Vegas. As much as I kick and scream trying to run away from the tight grips around my wrists, God tells me to trust Him and to stop kicking Him. It's been a very tough journey for me. We won't move for a few months, but each time I am with friends it just fills my heart with love and sadness they will not be right there in my grasp. Let's look over "lately."

We celebrated the upcoming wedding of Glenn and Andrea. What a lovely time with the gals! She wants to make us do a dance at the wedding. She's crazy. All of her bridesmaids are former college cheerleaders and here I sit uncoordinated! Truthfully I am really excited to be a part of Andrea's day! These people are salt of the earth...

Shyloh, Jana, Kacie, Julie, Jayme, Raelyn, Andrea

We decided it was time to get me a new car. The Nissan Rogue had about 93,000 miles on it. I was ready!

Ford Edge

Andrea turned 32 the same day as my niece and Shiner had their birthdays, April 22. We all went to Mattitos for mexican food. Nick was out in Las Vegas setting up shop and looking at houses. We had such a fun time laughing and talking. This group is such a blast. Oh, and right before it, Jeromy and Corri got engaged! Yay!!!

Corri, Summer, Jana, Andrea, Anna, Julie, Chad    

Nick's 30th birthday celebration began last weekend. His real day is May 1! I tried to make it a surprise, but I am horrible at those. We went to Jump Street during the day with the McDaniels and had a fun time! Then there were about 30 people at Whiskey Cake. It was such a blast to have so many people together!!! We love our friends! We went out for a bit after it at Henrys and just hung on the patio.


Heather & Destinee


Colby & Nick


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