Monday, May 12, 2014

Golf Golf Golf

I don't really dread Mother's Day weekend anymore, but it does eat away at me as I scroll through social media. Yes, yes, I have an amazing stepmother and mother in law, yes, I do. That doesn't mean it takes away the pain of not having my mother on this special day when people are treating their own like queens. Anyway, so usually I just go about it and love on the moms I have on that day. We actually took a day of golfing in on the actual Mothers Day. Our friend, Sean is a pro golfer at a country club in Dallas. He was playing in the Pro Am Tournament to kick off the week of the Bryon Nelson at Four Seasons. Nick and I agreed to go with the family to watch him and just enjoy the day. Then he asked Nick to caddy and it was such an honor, Nick got so excited!

Right now I only wish people would bug the heck out of me about when I am having kids instead of constantly talk to me about Vegas. Life revolves around all of the stress right now as we try to iron it out. Somehow each thing God has taken care of so I just sit back and well, actually I bury my head in the sand, but I also just know God is taking care of the big things. Like our house selling in 9 days. Boom. Nick out there looking for houses. Who knows, it might fall through, but it might also work quickly. Who knows where I will work. I've gotten some crazy opportunities sent my way the past week so it could be an amazing journey. We had a really great weekend so that's what counts. Taking things step by step.


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