Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend seems to always kick off the excitement of Summer. I cannot say this one was full of actual sunshine, but it was full of hypothetical sunshine!

It all started Thursday night as we said goodbye to one of the buyers, Erin. A bunch of us from work went to Happy Hour and just enjoyed laughter and each other.

Maria, Sarah M, Julie, Erin, Megan, Sarah C, Kathryn, Ariel, Hannah & Destinee

Friday Nick and I headed to the exciting land of Tulsa. We met Dad and Brenda at Steven & Ashley's house and took off for DOLLY PARTON!!!!! Brenda and I happily set back to watch the goddess in action. Dolly ruled that stage. She played instruments, talked to the crowd, danced around and just sang like a siren of the sea. Dolly is such a performer!!! Dad and Nick were left in the casino gambling a bit and just waiting around for us! I sure didn't want the concert to end!

We spent all Saturday just hanging out with the kiddos. Rex is now 2 months old so he doesn't do much but look cute! Ashley, Brenda and I went looking around in town then we came back and just enjoyed life. Nick, Steven and I went to the golf course and had a little fun golfing. We even found a turtle! They have such a sweet little life. I just love being around them so much!

Steven golfing
Nick golfing
Steve The Turtle - Found him on the golf course

Samson the Corgi Lab... we think

Saige's Jamberry Nails

Saige & Rylie

 We headed back Sunday as Nick's parents were going to cookout for all of us. Sean and Karen, Justin and Lindsay came over. We watched the basketball game and just laughed a lot as we always do with Sean and Karen! Monday it was rainy, but it didn't stop the fun. We went out to Jason and Angela's new farm. They have all sorts of animals. We played with the animals then set outside under the cabana as it lightly rained! Sean and Karen came, too! We have the best time with all of them. We just tell stories and laugh way too much.

We moved in to Nick's parents house as the move finalizes. We try to do our own thing, but also I don't want to step on any toes so I want to keep the house in order and help out as much as possible. It is very wonderful they opened their doors to us! We don't know when everything will come together as we have a contract on a house, but we are going through appraisals and all that jazz.

Summer is officially here in my eyes. I'm ready for the sunshine!!!

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