Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunshine and Laughter

The weekends are always too short. I looked in the mirror to see sun kissed shoulders yesterday and I smiled because I love sunshine.

Friday night Nick was flying in from Las Vegas so I went out to visit Glenn and Andrea. David and Jana came over as well to eat. We had a really great time. We took pics of Jana, her dog and David by the lake. It was so great for an evening to forget all the stresses of moving. Saturday I went to lunch with Karen and Geoff came over to play with Nick so we all sat on the patio just enjoying life and hanging out. I did mow while the boys did some work on my new car. I sure will miss mowing. Justin and Lindsey came over and hung on the patio after Geoff left. We spent the rest of the night just getting ready for the movers to come. Sunday I went and hung out with Wendy, again, just enjoying life with her. I took the cat over to the Grays so he wouldn't go insane with the dogs. He isn't too happy. He did sleep with me last night, but he was back under the bed this morning. I have fun walking the dogs, it's great exercise... especially when they see a cat and dart off, and I run full speed to contain them!

I love to pack the weekends full of sunshine and friends! We don't even know what tomorrow holds at this point so it is nice to milk every ounce of happiness we can. I haven't been to church in a bit and I am really craving it. We've had so much to do on Sundays, and then yesterday I had to get the rest of the things out of the house over to the Grays that we are keeping. I will watch on podcast, but it isn't the same. I really pray we can find a church when we move that we just love. It gets so easy just to sleep in, but it's simply lazy of us.

Anyway, that's life around here. Dolly Parton and the family coming up next weekend... YEEHAW!!!

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