Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween In The Air

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. The air feels crisp, the decorations are scary and the world is having fun. After I got back from West Texas I felt so refreshed. Our friends Blake and Alicia stayed the night and we took them to our favorite spots. They loved the park and CJ's Italian Ice!

We had a fun night out on the Strip with our friends Matt and Jen this weekend. We don't go to the Strip much, but it was a great time! Saturday Nick and I got up early to scour yard sales. We bike around the neighborhood finding fun sales! We found one with a whole lot of cactus. We have been looking for some sort of plant to go on our balcony and in other areas. I sure hope I can atleast keep cactus alive... So we ventured out to meet the Levines at Chayos. Oooh yummy food! Of course, not typical Tex Mex, but fajitas are fajitas! We got to ride the High Roller... the biggest observation wheel! It goes really slow so it isn't too scary. I'm very afraid of heights so I wasn't too sure. We got cupcakes at Sprinkles to distract me from the height! Jen had tickets to see Matisyahu so we wandered over to Brooklyn Bowl after the High Roller. To say it wasn't our crowd might be an understatement! Matt and Nick were totally into people watching. The dude is more reggae than rap, but I was done after about two songs. We convinced the guys to go sit outside and just enjoy life away from it. We had such a great night laughing and talking. We met the Levines when we first visited in April and I was very against moving at that time so I wasn't too friendly. Jen said she thought I was not sarcastic and quiet so she didn't know if she would like me! Little did she know what she was really getting into!!! 

After Halloween it seems Christmas hits hard. I absolutely love Christmas time more than anything in the world. I am very excited to look for gifts and just enjoy the environment of it all. I doubt we will dress up for Halloween as we have friends coming in town and not sure what they will want to do. Maybe I can convince them to go to haunted houses?!! We usually have a Halloween party each year so we are a bit sad we just don't know enough people to have a big party. Maybe some brave kids will come by the house and we can give them candy?! The options are endless!

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